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IPL doesn't impress Nikita much

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Nikita Anand
The very much hyped Indian Premier League (IPL) is finally underway and with it, continues the never-ending debate of such a format being introduced! While many feel the shorter version of the game and the IPL, bringing with it the very famous bid for cricketers, shows the growth and craze for the game, few feel that Cricket as a game has lots its class and touch!

The Dil Dosti Etc girl Nikita Anand surely thinks that IPL is not the right way to play cricket. The girl, being a cricket lover is not very passionate about the big money involved in this format of the game and states that, "The IPL hoopla is a bit of a joke. We live in a nation where cricket is like a cult, but now the money and glamour is taking over the sport. We're not watching it for the interesting game it is anymore".

The ex-Miss India, has also served as a sports anchor before, and knows the game in and out. She woos for the 'Men in Blue' every time they set their foot on the playing field. But she has her own reservations when it comes to IPL. "It's all become a business, cricket is losing its spirit", sighs the girl.

Nikita is so disappointed with the whole IPL business that she doesn't even want to watch the Twenty20 matches anymore. "I've lost my passion for cricket. Also, with so much work on my plate, I don't get much time to watch the matches," she rues.

Apart from other films, Nikita will soon be seen in Nileish Malhotra's Monopoly and Partho Ghosh's Ek Second - Jo Zindagi Badal De.

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