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Ramu's Rann runs into trouble

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April 2008, the famous Rakesh Roshan - Ram Sampat case. Rings a bell? Well, the plagiarism case which was settled out of court for Rs.2 crore got Mr. Roshan into quite a bit of trouble. Music composer Ram however minted for having slapped a copyright infringement case against Rakesh Roshan for having used his tunes in his film Krazzy 4. The producer director also confirmed to the media and the court that Ram Sampat allegedly chose a smart way to earn money out of him. Someone rightly said that creativity is great but plagiarism is faster. But imagine this happening the other way round.

November 2008, and just like the above case, this one too seems to be heading to the court. And this time it's Ram Gopal Varma and Ms Sonal Mehta, a freelance journalist and an aspiring writer who is trying to fight out a long battle on who is the original story writer of Rann.

To get the facts straight, we dug out some interesting information from reliable sources. As a filmmaker, RGV has over the past one and a half decade given credit to all his script and story writers, no doubt about it. Then who is Sonal Mehta and why is she trying to drag RGV to the court?

Our sources have confirmed that Ms Mehta claims that the story of Rann was her concept and story. After hearing media reports about RGV's Rann, she is now trying to find her way back into the film. Shocked for not having found her name mentioned anywhere in the news or stories published about the film instigated her even more. Like many aspiring filmmakers and writers, Sonal too has worked with RGV in his previous films during his Factory days. All his hits and flops so far have been written by his appointed writers but the true originator of the idea of that particular film comes from RGV's brain.

We also are aware of the fact that RGV is very particular about his deadlines. It is learnt that, likewise, Sonal too was given a certain D-day to develop the story of Rann forward but failed to catch up with the time limit, and knowing how the director works, she was told to opt out from the project. Rohit Banawlikar then took the task of writing the story of Rann.

Now, RGV says that he has all the evidence to prove that Rann is not written by Ms. Sonal but by his writer Rohit Banawlikar. To add further, the script of Rann is registered with the Film Writers Association of India. Then what is the fuss all about? Well, we can only wait for the courts judgement to know who wins this battle.

As the Rann poster aptly says - Truth is Terrible, we only hope that this one gets its verdict before the films release.

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