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Rakesh Roshan breaks his promise to SRK

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Shahrukh Khan in Krazzy 4
When Shahrukh agreed to do the Krazzy 4 song, producer Rakesh Roshan promised him that if Hrithik's knee healed, and if he did shoot the same song, then it would only be part of the end credits of the film, and not be used to promote the film. However, both the songs are now being aired on all channels. Dancing is Hrithik's forte and pitching King Khan against him in a song is an unfair advantage to the former.

There are bound to be comparisons that aren't favourable towards SRK, who did the song as a goodwill gesture. Says a distributor, on the condition of anonymity, "There was an unspoken understanding between Shahrukh and Roshan Sr that Hrithik's dance number would only be seen in the film.

But the other song promos were not catching on and the film was looking thanda, so at the distributors' insistence, he released Hrithik's song for publicity. Rakesh doesn't like putting in dialogues or film scenes so the only other alternative was to use Hrithik's number."

The source adds, "SRK did the song in good faith helping out a friend as Hrithik's knee was in bad shape but now he is probably feeling cheated. A similar thing happened to Shahrukh even during Heyy Babyy. Sajid Nadiadwala had promised the actor that they wouldn't use his special appearance in the Mast Kalandar song to promote the film; but they did. It's time SRK stopped doing favours to people because ultimately, it's only about business here and making money."

Shahrukh stated that he hadn't made any conditions about only using his song to promote the film. He said, "I don"t do conditional work for friends." When asked if he was upset that Hrithik's song was used to promote the film, he chose to remain silent.

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