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Salman Khan creates euphoria in Punjab

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Salman has a huge fan following wherever he goes, with out without his shirt on. When he returned to Punjab to complete the shooting schedule of Heroes the buzz his arrival generated in the small village of Gharuan was phenomenal. The location for the song 'Mannata' was at the Akalgarh Sahib Gurudwara; the crew arrived at 530am and by 8am the word had spread like wild fire and when Salman arrived at the location the crowd went berserk!

Director Samir Karnik reveals "The kids climbed the walls of the Gurudwara just to get a glimpse him, the affect he had on the people were amazing. I have never seen anything like this before". But the best was yet to come, when Salman alighted from the vanity van dressed as a Sardar complete with the turban and the beard the people greeted him saying satsriakal praji as he walked by and he would greet them back in character with the Punjabi accent.

Samir recounts "That is the power of his performance, people would ask the crew who is this new actor and on hearing it was Salman the look in their eyes was priceless. However, Salman did not restrict his role to just the look of his character, he ensured that the entire cast and crew abided with the basic rules of the Sikh faith which included no smoking and that meant no cigarette packets were carried on location. The very presence of Salman was larger than life. Some how the entire village and the surrounding villages had got news of the shoot and we had an army of people pushing at the gates to get in and watch the shoot, We had to call in the cops to handle the crowd and soon the cops were out numbered too. It was sheer madness." Hope the cinema halls will see the same mad rush with the release of the film Heroes.

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