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Shahrukh buying prints of all his films

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Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan wants to own all his films. The actor has been approaching the producers of his earlier films to buy the negative rights. Says a producer, "Shahrukh is very emotional about all his earlier films and has been wanting to build a library of his films and house them in Mannat. SRK knows his market value and wants to gather all his films and sell them in bulk to the biggest bidder.

SRK has been in touch with all his producers and is in talks with them for the rights. Some he's bought directly and others, like close friend Karan Johar, are giving him the rights for emotional reasons." Another rumour is that SRK plans to launch his own channel some day and wants to show all his films on his own TV channel.

The producer of Chaahat, Robin Bhatt, confirms that Shahrukh has approached him to buy the rights of the film. He adds, “Shahrukh had approached me to buy the negative rights of Chaahat three years ago and we are still negotiating, though Shahrukh has already paid me a token amount. Shahrukh shares a very good relationship with my brother Mahesh and me and because of this we haven't been able to fix a price. Chaahat is 12 years old and it's difficult naming a price as both Shahrukh and I are going 'pehle aap'. It's as much my need as his."

Robin Bhatt had sold the telecast rights of Chaahat to Zee TV for a certain period of time. "When the period expires, I get the rights back but if I sell the entire negative rights to Shahrukh, then it won"t belong to me anymore. Shahrukh hasn't discussed the reason but I know that he"s very sentimental about all his earlier films and might be putting it together for his own personal library.

If I do sell the rights, I will sell it only to Shahrukh. He has spoiled me as a producer. He"s a fantastic actor to work with. That is why Chaahat was my first and last production. Now I will only produce a film if Shahrukh acts in it." Karan Johar, whose father produced Duplicate says, "Shahrukh doesn't need to approach me for the negative rights as the film is as good as his. There is no difference between my production company, Dharma and SRK"s (Red Chillies). I own Om Shanti Om as much as he owns Duplicate."

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