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Nature doesn't spare Amitabh Bachchan

By: By: Raymond Ronamai
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Mumbai, the hub of Bollywood is under water. The heavy downpour over the last couple of days has paralysed and flooded the city. Nature did not spare superstar Amitabh Bachchan. His homes in Prateeksha and Jalsa were flooded.

“Prateeksha is inundated. The road outside is in waist deep water and the lawn, even though it is built on a rise has filled up and threatening to push the rain into the house. I prepare to move furniture and stuff from the ground to higher positions. Mini waves drift in from the road into the driveway and reach the first step into the house. Water has entered into the reception area and the staff, bare footed pants rolled up, are frantically trying to clear drains of any obstruction so the water can flow out. But flow out where ? On to the road which is waist deep itself. It shall all come back!, wrote Amitabh on his blog.

Amitabh's other home at Jalsa too is facing problem of a different kind. “At Jalsa the water in the bedrooms has leaked through despite the tarpaulin protection monsoon covers. I tell them to put towels, swabs, water resistant solutions, anything. Abhishek and family in Singapore with Amar Singhji are unaware and I quickly inform them of the deluge warning them not to come in today as scheduled. I put all the mobiles on charge and the walkie talkies. Fill up water in buckets from the rain outside and store it just in case the power goes and the pumps get disconnected. And wait, and wait and wait…" he wrote.

“And almost by some divine proclamation.. the downpour stops !! No rain, no winds, just an eerie silence. No traffic sounds. No sounds of humanity or people on the street… and no birds chirping. And thats how it has remained.. so far !! Its dark and grey upstairs in the clouds and ominous. And all I can hear now is the clicking of every word I punch in to reach out to you..." describes Amitabh about the aftermath of the flood.

Amitabh said that nothing much could be done when nature turns fury. “I suspect they (media) must be doing a larger piece on the inadequate facilities during the rains by the Government and the efforts that need to be made in insuring these episodes do not repeat themselves. But to be fair, what can one do against natures fury. When you have 160 mm of rain in a couple of hours, the best and most efficient administration in the world would be helpless. I have seen many a Government in the developed world brought to their knees when natures catastrophes strike ! And I must say when I had ventured out in wading waters yesterday, there was a determined presence of the police and emergency services at vantage points to bring in assistance and help."

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