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Celina wages war against Baba over homosexuality

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Celina Jaitley and Baba Ramdev are involved in raging war of words!

Apparently, it all started with the end of 145 year old rule declaring homosexuality a crime by the Delhi High Court. That"s when Baba Ramdev decided to take matters into his own hands and called homosexuality a 'disease' which he could cure through yoga!

Baba promenaded his obvious ignorance on the subject by calling homosexuals- animals and homosexuality a virus that can be cured through yoga.

Says Baba Ramdev, "Homosexuality is like a virus and if it affects you, you have nowhere to go, they (gays) are like animals who do not realize what brings happiness. They are selfish and only care about themselves and not their families."

Celina, who has of late become a self-proclaimed Gay rights spokesperson was naturally hurt by Baba"s accusations, she took it upon herself to enlighten baba, says Celina, "With all due respects to Baba Ramdev he may have the so called 'cure' but the point is LGBT community does NOT see homosexuality as a disease. People should not be judged on basis of what they do in their bedroom because if it was only about that... some of our taxes would have to be deployed into a special bedroom vigilance force, which I am sure these babas would love to lead."

Celina called Baba Ramdev 'Samaaj Ka Thekedaar' and feels that Baba is on a rant against homosexuality because of his 'remote upbringing and closed mindset". Adding further, she said that Baba should limit himself to teaching yoga as 'he cannot and does not have the qualification or degrees to diagnose an illness without any medical background because it would fall under fake medical malpractice".

Parting with her final word Celina warned, “Homosexuals are not interfering in anyone's life or religion but unfortunately everyone wants to interfere in theirs and tell them how they should eat, sleep and have sex. Even if Baba Ramdev screams from every rooftop of India, the reality is homosexuality will not cease to exist."

Unable to come up with a sound reason, Baba Ramdev counter attacked, and raised objections on Celina"s character, he said, “These actresses know nothing about Bhartiya sanskriti. They stay away from their parents and have no morals. Unke partner har mahine badalte hai. Jiske pas jitna gyan hota hai woh itna hi sach janta hai. Inka apna hi marg hai bus usme hi chal rahe hai."

Well the LGBT community is seriously at loss with such spokespersons and mud-slinging that loses to illogic debates devoid of any understanding of the issue of homosexuality.

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