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Salman distributed saris to poor women

By: By: Upala KBR, <a href="http://www.mid-day.com/" target="_blank">Mid-Day</a>
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Recently on his show 10 Ka Dum, Salman Khan said, "mujhe sari pehenna nahin aata hai, sirf nikalna aata hai. But he recently bought saris for group of women. The actor, who is known for his generosity, was approached by some sweeper women during the shooting of Wanted and they asked him to buy saris for all the women working there!

Says a source present on the sets, "Salman bhai was sitting in front of his van chatting with friends at Film City when a couple of sweeper women came up to him and started talking to him. They started demanding new saris from him. He joked and said it wasn't Diwali or Eid so there was no reason for him to buy saris for them. But they started crying and pleading with him."

The actor then asked the group how many women were working in Film City. They said, about 35. He called his spot boy, gave him a wad of cash from his pocket and asked him to take his car and go out and buy saris for all the women. His boy came back with bundle of saris and distributed them to the thrilled women." Boney Kapoor, the producer of Wanted, admits, "Yes it's true, Salman bought new saris for all the women working in Film City. He asked his Man Friday to buy them and then distributed it to the women who had collected there.

Apparently, he had given saris to some women earlier. This time they asked him to gift them. I was there when this happened. Earlier, he bought cycles for 15 children belonging to the workers in Film City, when they asked him to."

Boney says Salman always spends money on the needy. He recalls, "Once while shooting at Bandra Fort (where he has spent his childhood), I saw him giving away thousands of rupees to some men whom he must have interacted with, while growing up. They had fallen on bad times and approached him for help. He spent time enquiring about their children. In Hyderabad too, when some poor children met him during Diwali he bought fireworks and distributed it among them. The children were so happy it brought tears to all our eyes," concludes Kapoor emotionally.

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