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Ganesha predicts shahid kapoor's future

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Actor shahid kapoor, Bollywood's Prince Charming, turns 28 today, February 25th. In the last six years, Shahid has evolved from being an enthusiastic newcomer with boyish good looks to a versatile and talented actor who can deliver his lines with confidence and play roles that are convincing and life-like. In his personal life, he has successfully dodged a nosey media and maintained a dignified silence over his break-up with actor Kareena Kapoor and speculations about his numerous link-ups.

Though his debut film Ishq Vishk failed to generate enough revenue at the Box Office, Shahid proved that he is truly his father's (acting legend Pankaj Kapoor) son with films like Vivaah and Kismat Konnection. Finally, the superhit movie Jab We Met put Shahid in a league of young actors who aren't just good looking and great dancers, but who also know how to act.

On the occasion of his birthday, Ganesha analyses his future prospects and predicts how 2009 will be for Shahid.

Birth Details
DOB: 25th February, 1981
TOB: Unavailable (Surya Kundali)
POB: Mumbai


* Even if he doesn't tie the knot this year, Shahid will at least decide on the person he wants to marry and when to marry.

* There may be a twist in his love story, mostly in the second half of the year.

* He may organize a big religious event, like going on a pilgrimage or planning a yagna or havan.

* He may have an affair with a girl who is either a foreigner or who lives offshore.

* Though Shahid has a serious disposition and is naturally disciplined and soft-spoken, these characteristics will be more pronounced in 2009. He will be very mindful of his public appearances and will exercise caution while dealing with the media. In short, he may tell himself in the bathroom everyday, ''Keep your cool, man!''

* If the actor's fans are wondering what kind of films their star will sign this year and how will they fare at the Box Office, then Ganesha has some startling news for them. To begin with, Shahid will choose some new and exciting scripts, and act out roles that will be adventurous and avant-garde; something so out-of-the-box like a sci-fi movie or a surreal film. Just wait for the Neptunian surprise in the period from September 2009 to February 2010.

* Films released this year may not bring him great fame and name, but they will definitely be a valuable addition to his resume and establish him as a director's actor, who is famous despite not belonging to the Khan Clan.

Astro Details and Analysis

* Transiting Shani (Saturn) passes through his 7th House of marriage and public image.

* Transiting Shani aspects his natal Surya (Sun), natal Sukra (Venus) as well as natal Mangal (Mars) and also aspects the Ascendant.

* Transiting Shani aspects his 9th House of luck as well as religion. It also aspects natal Chandra (Moon).

* Transiting Guru (Jupiter) is debilitated and in conjunction with natal Ketu, natal Budha (Mercury) and transiting Rahu.

It aspects natal Guru and Shani.

His Mercury-Neptune Mid Point axis is active this year.

Wish Shahid on his birthday

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