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Shahrukh calls Mushtaq a nomad

By: By: Joginder Tuteja, <a href="http://glamsham.com/" target="_blank">Glamsham</a>
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Along with Priyadarshan, Mushtaq Sheikh is the co-writer of Billu. The man who has authored quite a few books for Shahrukh Khan and also written Om Shanti Om, Mushtaq is first and foremost Shahrukh's friend and then someone who also dabbles on creative aspects of some of his projects.

Considering the fact that he has been with friends with Shahrukh Khan for around a couple of decades and contributed to his projects, why don't we see him getting more involved with the Red Chillies banner?

"I don't understand what do you mean by 'more involved with them'", Mushtaq questions back, "Believe me, I am as involved with the banner as I possibly could be with any company where I am connected to. I am on a whirl like some Sufi guy. I am busy doing a million things. Being in one place for a long time bores me."

Getting into a relaxed mode, Mushtaq smiles, "Shahrukh jokes and calls me, 'a nomad'. I am somebody who deals with various mediums, whether it is television, movies or books. Just being in one place will not allow me to be myself. What makes me happy is the ability to soar where I want to be. My connection with Red Chillies is exactly that. I have my loyalty but then at the same time I also have my freedom. It's a company that I adore and respect and then of course, it's my home turf."

Since he has also authored quite a few books in the past, what more do we expect from him in months to come?

"More books", Mushtaq is quick to respond, "Though this time my inspiration is my imagination not real life heroes. I am taking a chance at pure fiction and I hope my fans take to this as well as they have to my other books. Inshallah!"

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