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Secret behind Aish and Bebo's beauty

By: Sampurn Wire
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Bollywood and fashion have always gone hand in hand ever since the consciousness of being fashionable struck India. However, to be fashionable and to look good are completely different things, albeit it can be said that they are two sides of the same coin, sometimes.

Yet, many a times despite not making any real fashion statements, many of our stars are let go scott free only because they look genuinely good in anything that they wear. Two such significant actresses in B-town are of course Aishwarya Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor. Both these beauties have a great aura and stance that has kept them in the running for the No.1 slot in B-town. Even if they do have a great eye for fashion both off and on screen, it is their inner beauty and radiance that reflects out and keeps them looking stunning every time they make an appearance.

But the question is: What keeps their radiance alive? Well the fact is that both these actresses are in the habit of practicing yoga on a daily basis. Reports suggest that Kareena indulges in a very strict routine of a two-hour power yoga regimen every day. This helps her get rid of all the negativity and fills her with positive energy which helps her to bring out her inner beauty to the forefront.

Ditto for Aishwarya, this mesmerizing beauty too relies on the power of yoga to keep herself fit and healthy. Perhaps the power of this ancient form of exercising the mind and body does have a very significant role to play in making a person genuinely beautiful and lead a life of contentment and happiness. It is perhaps this sense of well being that reflects in a person"s personality. Thus, if Aishwarya and Kareena can practice yoga and look stunning, so can all you folks who would love to be as radiant as these two lovely ladies.

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