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Akshay Kumar back in action

Posted By: Raymond Ronamai
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The day after Akshay Kumar landed in Mumbai after his back treatment, he was doing some of the most dangerous stunts. Before he left for his back treatment, Akshay Kumar was unsure if he could ever return to normal activities that he liked, let alone action sequences. In fact, Vipul Shah"s action-laden climax for Action Replay, which was to be shot after Akshay"s return was seriously jeopardized.

But after the hydro-therapy that he underwent in Germany last week, Akshay Kumar returned to work, more confident than ever before, ready and eager to shoot heart-stopping stunts for Action Replay. When Vipul offered to change the climax, Akshay laughed and told him to change his plans to change.

Not only was Akshay seen hanging from cables doing and flying through the air, he even cajoled his co-star Kirron Kher to get try the aerial stunts.

Speaking from Manori where director Vipul Shah shot Akshay"s action sequences with action direct Allan Amin immediately after the actor"s return from Germany the director confided, “It"s true we were very unsure about what shape Akshay"s back would be in once he returned from his hydro treatment. The climax of Action Replay required very complex and strenuous stunts on wire-cables. I offered to change the climax and do away with the cable stunts. After all, those are tough even for actors with normal healthy backs. Akshay told me to wait until his return before taking a final call."

The actor"s recovery post his treatment has been far more quick and complete than imagined. Vipul just can"t stop gawking at the actor"s recovery level. “Why just me? The entire cast including Aishwarya Bachchan, Om Puri, Rajpal Yadav and others just can"t believe Akshay"s capacity to bounce back on his feet. Here we were thinking of doing away the cable stunts and somehow managing the climactic action without the planned aerial shots. But Akshay has been wired and suspended mid-air for almost a week now. Cable stunts are really tough on the back. But Akshay was super-confident on his return."

Akshay was so kicked by the idea of starting afresh on his newly-repaired back that he even encouraged Kirron Kher to join him on the cables in Manori.

Says Vipul, “A shot required her to join Akshay in the air. Kirron ji was at first hesitant. But we ensured her it was fully safe to be suspended with cables. Akshay is so charged and enthusiastic he will soon have the whole cast and crew on cables. We are shooting funny action sequences. But hanging midair from thousands of feet is as dangerous whether done for fun or otherwise."

Akshay who sounded discernibly pained before his restorative trip to Germany is raring to go. “I"m back on my feet and doing action scenes for Vipul"s film. The treatment worked fully and I am completely recovered."

Apparently Akshay has recommended the hydro-treatment to Sunny Deol who suffers a chronic back problem and has undergone to major surgeries to repair his back. For Akshay surgery was never an option, even when his back had given a decade back and he was laid up for six months.

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