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Hrithik gains weight while dad loses

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Rakesh Roshan shed 18 kgs at the same time that beta Hrithik gained 15 kgs for a film role.

It's true. At the same time when Hrithik Roshan gained 15 kgs for his role in Guzaarish, his father Rakesh Roshan lost 18 kgs in 5 months. While the son was rapidly gaining weight around his waist and developing a paunch, his pa was losing his, and getting trimmer.

Rakesh Roshan confirms, "Yes, it's true. It happened simultaneously. Hrithik had to gain weight for the first half of the film, and I was nearing 100 kilos, and I decided it was time to get fit."

Roshan senior has started a diet-and-exercise programme, under the supervision of Hrithik's trainer. One morning, Roshan went off carbohydrates completely. "I cut out rice, bread, fruits and sugar from my diet completely. I met a doctor from Denver at the Oneness University in Chennai who advised me to follow the no-carb diet. It was tough for a couple of days. Now I have a trainer and I work out for a hour and a half every morning and walk on the beach for an hour in the evening. I am so hooked to working out that Hrithik, my wife Pinky and I work together at our gym at home often."

When asked about his inspiration, he says, "It has to come from within. You have to decide you have to become fit. In any case, my friend Jeetendra is a constant source of inspiration. The way he has maintained himself over the years is amazing. He would exercise in front of us and eat the right kind of food while we would laze around and binge on all kinds of rubbish."

The director, who still enjoys his three glasses of whisky every night, says his family is happy with his decision to go from fat to fit, "They were very happy when they saw how much weight I had lost. They had been telling me to lose weight for years. I had gained weight when I started as a director in Khudgarz. I would binge on all kids of junk food from samosas to sandwiches and went from 80 kg to almost 20 more in a few years. When I weighed myself last year in September, I found myself crossing 99 kg and that's when I decided I needed to do something."

His beta was most impressed by his dedication, "Hrithik couldn't believe it that I had lost so much weight. He kept saying, 'Dad, I can't believe it!' I consider it a compliment coming from my son because he has one of the best bodies in India today."

Incidentally, Duggu has now lost all the weight he'd gained for the film. They are into the final days of shooting for which he needed to be his trim self.

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