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Imran Khan gets a fan's love bite

By: By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
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Now, here is a news about the height of becoming a Bollywood fan. Bollwood actor Imran Khan, who is presently busy with the promotion of his upcoming film I Hate Luv Storys, was reportedly attacked by a female fan. No, no don't take it the other way not to shoot him to death, but to bite his hands despite the high security. Isn't that crazy.

Well, a kiss or a gesture of appreciations are the kind of fans we had come across till date. But the chocolate boy Imran Khan, was not lucky enough for a kiss but was unlucky to get a bite. Mr. Khan's travelling around the world and promoting his up coming movie I hate Luv Storys has turned out to be I hate Bollywood Fan's in Dubai as it came at the cast of a personal medical expense.

This crazy obsession for Imran happened on Saturday night in a club in Dubai, when he was promoting his film and was surrounded with noisy crowd. This was when this lady wanted to pushed through the crowd to get close to Imran and get a closer look of his hero. But to her luck she managed to get hold of his hand and started shaking it. Imran just to show an appreciation to her smiled back, unaware of what is going to come next. When the fan didn't let go Imran's hand, then his security people tried to help the poor chap. That is when Imran got a bite in his hand instead of a kiss.

Poor Imran, couldn't do anything except for shouting out of pain. This incident has shell shocked the actor and he couldn't believe what had happened to him. Well after this incident we realise that it is not easy to become a Bollywood star, with love, kiss and appreciation they even come across fans who bite out of crazy obsession. Hope you are fine Imran.

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