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Mahesh Bhatt wants to launch son Rahul in Jism 2

By: By: Subhash K. Jha, <a href="http://bollywoodhungama.com/" target="_blank">Bollywood Hungama</a>
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Mahesh Bhatt's shy son Rahul Bhatt is no more shy. Lately, he has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Mahesh Bhatt thought of launching Rahul in Suicide Bomber which the former Bhatt protege Anurag Basu promised to direct as launch pad for Rahul.

A promise that the Bhatts are still waiting for Basu to fulfil. But now, the impatient Bhatt scion seems to have lost the will to wait. His decision to go into the Bigg Boss house at this stage of his life has apparently caused Mahesh great concern.

Mahesh was planning to finally launch Sunny-boy in the sequel to Jism. But Rahul is now on a rebellious trip. He turned down his dad's offer for a belated launch in Jism 2 instead of Suicide Bomber and chose to go into Bigg Boss which many of well-wishers of the Bhatts feel is more suicidal than the Suicide Bomber.

Now we suddenly hear Rahul making abrasive remarks like, "Mahesh Bhatt and Headley are the two monkeys on my back" and… "Shweta Tiwari is line-maroing on me (inside Bigg Boss House).And I don't like it."

Mahesh Bhatt stands by his son's comment. "Rahul is being brutally honest. He has the guts to see and say things as they are."

Mahesh admits Rahul is up for Jism 2. "But Rahul has made his choice. He has chosen Bigg Boss."

The concerned but non-interfering father still feels Suicide Bomber would be the best launch for Rahul. "Our doors are open for Anurag Basu to come and pick up the threads from where he left off. But now Suicide Bomber will have a global perspective. Three years ago, Rahul said no to Kalyug when I offered it to him. Now he has opted for 'Bigg Boss' instead of Jism 2. When I asked him why he said, 'Let me stand or fall on my own feet.' He didn't want to put his life on hold for a film launch.'

Then Mahesh drops his bomb. "Get this straight. It is not in human power to make a bud blossom. A touch of life makes the flower bloom and spread its wings. Sometimes it's best to let a flower go wild. Life is the best gardener."

Hidden in the rhetoric's is a message for Rahul's son.

Come back from 'Bigg Boss'. And Jism 2 is waiting

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