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sajid khan to use HD for his next film

By: By: Upala KBR, <a href="http://www.mid-day.com/" target="_blank">Mid-Day</a>
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Housefull director sajid khan has found a unique way of saving the environment - his next film will be shot with high-end digital video cameras using the high-definition (HD) format.

Talking about it, sajid khan says, "In Hollywood, everyone uses HD these days - right from a big film like Avatar to a small budget one - like The Hurt Locker. I had wanted to use HD for Housefull but it still hasn't been perfected completely in India.

I will definitely use HD for my next release. It's a great step towards saving the environment from the toxic waste of used film reels! What happens to the billions of meters of film reels that are shot on camera? They are taken to the waste yard and burnt leading to wastage and toxic fumes causing damage to the environment."

Sajid feels one has to keep on upgrading technology and thus conserve the environment too. "Hollywood has adapted to HD in such a big way. HD is the future and you can't fight it. It's like we use a digital camera today instead of a still camera. Some cinemas and multiplexes in India even use digital light projectors (DLP), which show HD films."

Expanding on the advantages of HD films Sajid says, "For film reels, one has to keep changing the magazine especially during retakes or long shots but if we use HD, one can keep using the same microchip for more than two to three hours. Thus, HD is easier to use, light to carry and save on millions of stock."
Online, too

Sajid says that he was the first director in India to use Blu-Ray technology for his first release Heyy Babyy!! "I am also the first director today to put the entire making of my film Housefull on my blog in HD. That's because while shooting the film I was also preparing the Blu-Ray version. Audiences will also see a video commentary on the entire cast and producer and director of Housefull sitting and watching the film shot through three hi-definition cameras."

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