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Salman Khan is sorry for his 26/11 comments

By: By: Kalyani Prasad Keshri
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Salman Khan's movie Dabangg has cashed in a lot of money in its opening weekend. With his movie meeting the expectation of its viewers, Salman has again met with a controversy. After all the controversies regarding his comment on a Pakistani TV Channel about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, and after all the efforts of making media understand that his words have been interpreted wrongly, Salman has finally apologised on a micro blogging site saying, "Looks like I mite have to get off twitter. Don't want to but what to do? I think I messed up, so sorry guys, $sorry bolne mein koi sharam nahi(Why to be shameful to say sorry!)"

Salman reveals that he has ruined it all this weekend, he said, "Hurt v hurt, yeh kya ? straight thru my heart. My mum n dad yaar my bro's my sisters. family had to go thru torture on eid n ganesh utsav."

Adding sarcasm to the controversy that star said, "Next time mein apnne sub interview sub khud bhi record karoonga , kya bolte ho ? Takeh yeh sub controversies nahi ho (next time I will record all my interviews myself, at least it won't end up making controversies)."

He added, "Every human life has equal value n any act of terror, anywhere in the world is unpardonable. be it 9/11 or 26/11."

Salman the controversy's child:

Salman Khan fell into the controversy pit this weekend when in an interview with a Pakistani Channel named Express TV, he said, "Too much hype has been created around the 26/11 attacks because elite people were targetted. Attacks have happened in trains and small towns too, but no one talked about it so much. Everybody knows that the Pakistani government was not behind it and it was a terrorist attack. Our security had failed. We have had lot of attacks earlier, and all of them were not from Pakistan. They were from within."

When his words aroused a feeling of controversy in India he said to Indian TV channel, "The interview has been twisted. I saw it myself, the way it is coming across on TV, it is sounding insensitive. I was just saying life is equal for both rich and poor, some attacks get more media coverage and some don't. Why is that? Every human life is important."

"Any attack or terrorist attack in the world is unpardonable. A terrorist has no nationality, no religion and no guts. I have complete faith in our intelligence agencies. I've always had faith in our police and armed forces. I did not want to hurt anybody's sentiments and if I have hurt anybody's sentiments then I am really, really sorry," he added apologising on the National TV.

When this controversy started Salman's father Salim Khan tried to defend him telling that Salman is not "articulate and political" the and the intent behind his remarks should not be misinterpreted. He even said that through Salman is not articulate, he should apologise for hurting the sentiment of the people.

Arbaaz Khan the producer of the movie Dabangg took to his brother's side saying "Whatever Salman said was just his opinion and he had no intention of hurting anybody's sentiments."

The reaction of the Political Parties:

Reacting to the controversial words of the actor, Public Prosecutor Ujjawal Nikam said, “If Salman is making such a statement without knowing the details of the case, it is foolish. Terrorists do not strike after differentiating rich from the poor nor do they differentiate a village from a city. The attack has wide ramifications as it killed many people and because the conspiracy was allegedly hatched in Pakistan."

Every body from the Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, Maharashtra Congress spokesperson Anant Gadgil, Abu Azmi, State president of Samajwadi Party, to BJP spokesperson Syed Shahnawaz Hussain condemned Salman's statement in their own ways.

Their were protests held against the actor by the political activist on Sunday. The protesters burnt his posters and expressed their anger.

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