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Shahrukh Khan throws a challenge to Shiv Sena

By: By Raymond Ronamai
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Even as the hype around My Name is Khan was gathering strength, all hell broke loose after Shahrukh Khan, who plays the lead role in the film, spoke in support of the Pakistani cricketers at the IPL, and for his statement that Mumbai is for all Indians. The Shiv Sena found it too much to take.

Following the threat of the Shiv Sena to either take back his words and apologies or face the consequences of banning his films in Mumbai, Shahrukh has turned very vocal about his opinion instead of being tamed by their threat. In fact, the superstar has thrown a challenge to the Shiv Sena.

Shahrukh knows very well that his forthcoming release is at stake but he also knows that he had said nothing wrong. What he finds hard to understand is why his film should be banned for his statements, as the future of lots of people rides on the film. He said that the Shiv Sena should not take their anger against the film.

Shahrukh went on to say that if they have an issue with him, they should sort it out with him and talk about his ideology rather than threatening to ban his film, which has nothing to do with what he said. He added that My Name is Khan is not only his film but belongs to Kajol and Karan Johar and 150 other people.

However, he is hopeful that the Shiv Sena will let the film release peacefully as scheduled and hope people like it.

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