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Shilpa-Raj's Valentine's Day plans

By: By: Upala KBR, <a href="http://www.mid-day.com/" target="_blank">Mid-Day</a>
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Raj Kundra will be whisking off Shilpa Shetty to an undisclosed destination on Valentine's Day. Shilpa Shetty and hubby Raj Kundra have planned special surprises for each other this Valentine's Day. Shilpa says, "I have no idea what Raj has planned for us. All I know is that Raj has told my manager to keep February 12-14 free on my diary and to keep me flight-ready. I think it's most probably Dubai. I have planned something special for him too -- but that's a surprise I will reveal only to him."

However, when it comes to being romantic, she says Raj is the clear winner, "Raj wins hands down. He's a planner and has the most romantic things planned down to the utmost detail. I remember last year after we had made the Rajasthan Royals announcement on Valentine's Day, Raj had whisked me off to Goa." As the actress' dad is very conservative she lied to him about why she was going out of town. Now that Shilpa is married to Raj, dad won't mind knowing the truth.

Raj hired an entire golf course and arranged for a candlelight dinner. Also, for a ghazal singer to perform live, and finally a 15-minute firework display. At the time, the actress thought it was an appalling waste of money but she basked in all the attention. And she knows that he will plan something bigger this year!

The actress insists that Raj isn't any different as a husband. He's the same as he was in their courtship days, "If there are any changes, it's that we are more committed to each other today. Priorities change and it's great to rush back home by 6 pm to be with the man you love. Also, I don't work on Sundays. I have been working on Sundays my whole life but now I make it a point to be with him -- we go out for brunch -- but it's mostly a simple affair. In retrospect, I feel I should have got married a long time ago..."

She insists that Valentine's Day is like any other day in their life, "I know it sounds cheesy but I say this from my heart -- Raj and I celebrate every day. We just enjoy spending time with each other. The only day that's special for us is our wedding anniversary (November 22)." Raj and Shilpa return on February 15 to prepare for the launch of their Rajasthan Royals music video, merchandise and new T-shirt in Jaipur the next day.

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