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Disturbing Photos: Jiah Khan's Dead Body With Unexplainable Marks

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It has been four months since the passing away of Bollywood actress Jiah Khan and this case is back in the news due to a new petition. Jiah's death was announced as a suicide case but now we have her mother Rabiya Amin who has filed a fresh petition in the Bombay High Court alleging that her daughter may have been murdered. We now have the latest images of Jiah Khan's dead body. Her mother has released them as part of evidence.

Even though the media has moved on from this case a while ago, Rabiya Amin has been digging deep into the case by seeking the help of CBI. "Rabiya feels the investigation was not done properly. If you go by the medical opinion and other evidence, it would indicate something is missing as far as suicide is concerned. Jiah Khan's case is apparently a case of murder," said Dinesh Tiwari, Rabiya's lawyer.

Taking you back to the incident which happened earlier this year, Jiah was found hanging in her Juhu apartment on June 3. Rabiya had believed that Jiah's boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi was responsible for her daughter's death. So he was then arrested on charges of abetting her suicide. Sooraj was granted bail a few weeks later. This case was all over the television and other media channels. Since, this new petition, the case is being highlighted again. Click here for further development in the case

Have a look at the slide show for Jiah Khan's dead body images.

Rabiya Amin With Jiah's Body

Rabiya Amin kissing the body of her daughter Jiah Khan. Rabiya is not yet ready to give up on her daughter's death case. She thinks there are enough loopholes to find out the truth.

Can A Dupatta Cause Such Deep Scars?

The scars on Jiah's upper neck are from the dupatta with which she used for the suicide. At least that is what the police said but the new petition does not agree to this. Click on to the next slides for shocking images and details.

Fresh Petition

The new petition was filed on October 1. This is expected to come up for hearing before a single-judge Bench next week.

May Have Been Killed

Jiah's mother Rabia Amin has alleged that it has come to light that her daughter may have been killed and made to look as if she committed suicide.

Forensic Report

To support her argument, Rabia has annexed to the petition an independent forensic expert's report which indicates the case to be homicidal death rather than suicide.

Rabiya's Belief

Rabiya said that she had strong reasons to suspect that the probe was carried out by police in a manner which made the death of Jiah look like a suicide.

Suicide Note

A few days after Jiah's death, a six-page suicide note was found by her sister. The note is reported to indicate that she had planned to end her life.

Not Hung With A Dupatta?

While police had stated that Jiah hung herself with a muslin dupatta, forensic expert Dr R N Jerajani opined that the depth of ligature marks in Jiah's case was difficult to achieve with such a soft material.

Was It A Strangulation?

The forensic expert also thinks that that the ligature marks on Jiah's neck are not like the ones usually found on the body of a person who hangs self from a ceiling fan. His report stated that the possibility of strangulation is not ruled out in this case.

CCTV Footage Evidence

The petition by Jiah's mother even questions few other things. The CCTV camera footage showed that Jiah had entered her house a few minutes before she committed suicide. At that time, she was wearing a track suit but her body was discovered in a night gown. The petition asks if a person about to commit suicide change her dress.

Missing Details

The petition further explained that the ceiling fan in Jiah's room was located in between two single beds and it was not possible for Jiah to hang herself without a stool and there was no stool in her house.

Click here for more images of Jiah Khan's dead body

Possibility Of A Murderer's Entry From A Window

One of the loophole in the petition is about a window in Jiah's house. There is a window in Jiah's room at a low level in the first-floor flat. This window was found open although air-condition machine was on at the time of the incident, the petition said, adding that the window could have been used to gain entry into the room.

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