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Anil Kapoor Says He Wants To Become An Evil Man

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Anil Kapoor wants to experiment his dark side and play a truly unacceptable evil character for his future films. The actor admits he has played roles with shades of grey, but has not got the complete bad ass evil look in characters that he has portrayed.

The Welcome Back actor wants to be as evil as possible, and was quoted saying,

"I have never been offered a completely black, psychotic role like Sanjay Dutt in Agneepath. A role with no explanation or justification, someone so evil people will shudder in fear. I want to play something like Christoph Waltz did in Inglourious Basterds or Leonardo DiCaprio did in Django Unchained. I love the passive agressive violence and cunning in their characters."

However, Anil Kapoor says he would not accept roles just because it is evil, the roles have to excite him and convince him to play an evil character. The actor was quoted as saying,

"It has to excite me. The producer, director and the script are important considerations as well. I don't think I've been offered such roles before because I've played very possitive characters so far. My role in Ram Lakhan is still remembered! My lovable, entertaining, family man image makes people expect certain things of me."

Bollywood has not had an evil character which is unacceptable and unjust and Anil Kapoor hopes to find that one role that would satisfy his darker side as an actor.

After playing Munnabhai in Welcome Back, Anil is focusing on the second season of 24. "I have been getting offers, but haven't committed to anything yet. My only focus right now is the second season of 24. Films will happen after that." says the actor.

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