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Bipasha Basu: Love-Making Easier Than Kissing Scene (Exclusive)

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    Actress Bipasha Basu who will be seen in the movie Alone is known for her bold and sexy avatar. Like many of her previous films, Bipasha Basu in the movie Alone has many kissing and intimate scenes with her co-star Karan Singh Grover.

    Although, the Bong beauty seems to be very comfortable in doing the intimate scenes on-screen, the actress in reality claims to be very shy and is still hesitant to do intimate scenes.

    Bipasha Basu's upcoming movie Alone which is set to release this Friday has been in news for its hot and steamy scenes as well as its horror angle. While, Bipasha Basu has been seen in horror movies many times earlier, the actress claims Alone to be a much different film.

    In an exclusive interview with Filmibeat correspondent Sonika Mishra, Bipasha Basu talks about the movie Alone and some of the unknown facts about herself and her experience in doing intimate scenes all these years. Also Check the slides to view some of the intimate scenes from Alone...

    Reason For Choosing Alone

    Q. You are mostly seen in supernatural and horror genre films. Alone is also of that genre. Why is it so?

    A. A film is a film for me, it's my work. Alone is a film about a passionate love story and I chose to do this because I have not done any romantic film since a long time. Alone is actually a love triangle in which two girls are in love with the same guy. While one of the girls is dead and the other is alive, the two girls happen to be twins and have been very close to each other. I haven't played such a role ever.

    Doing Double Roles

    Q. You are playing double roles in Alone. How difficult was that for you to do the dual roles?

    A. Playing the role of the normal girl who is fighting the ghost was quite easy as I have played such roles earlier and I am used to it now. But playing the role of a ghost was very difficult for me. I haven't played the role of a ghost ever and I had no idea how to do it. Moreover, I am scared of ghosts and in some scenes I even used to close my eyes. In fact, I told the director in the beginning that I won't apply any ghostly make-up on my face as if I do so, I will be scared of my own self for the entire life. Hence, most of the scenes were shot without any such make-up and later, my face was modified through special effects.

    Experinece Of Playing A Ghost

    Q. What kind of difficulties you faced playing the role of a ghost and how was the experience?

    A. Shouting and making different faces comes to a girl naturally. But making scary faces and making people scared is quite difficult for a girl. It was very difficult for me and so I was fully dependent on my director Bhushan Patel and I used to do exactly what he used to tell me. After each shot I used to laugh a lot thinking that what was I doing. I tried my best to give the perfec shot in the first take itself and I was successful in that. Later, when I watched the movie, I got so scared seeing my own self on the screen. I never knew I could become such a good ghost.

    Chemistry Between Bipasha And Karan

    Q. Most of your films have kissing and intimate scenes. Are you told about how many intimate scenes you have to do or you only decide that?

    A. No one tells me how many kissing or intimate scenes I shall have to do. When I read the plot of the film, I get an idea about how the couple will be shown in the film, what are the demands of the role and depending on that all those scenes are shot. When I signed this movie Alone, I didn't know who was the hero in the film but as it's a passionate love story, I told the director to cast someone with whom I look good and our chemistry matches.

    Difficulty In Doing Intimate Scenes

    Q. Did you ever feel uncomfortable doing those kissing and intimate scenes?

    A. When I started my Bollywood career in 2001, kissing scenes were not so popular. Kissing scenes were not needed to show intimacy between two characters. Jism was the first film in which I had kissing scenes and fortunately my then boyfriend was my co-star so I didn't feel like I was kissing any unknown actor. But when I did Bachna Ae Haseeno, I was much tensed as I was unable to do it. That was the first time I had to kiss an unknown actor. I even asked the director can we have a love making scene instead of kissing scene. However, later I and Ranbir became good friends and so I could do the kissing scene.

    Kissing Vs Love-Making

    Q. Which is more difficult to do? Kissing scene or love-making scene?

    A. I think love-making scenes are much easier to do as what is shown in love-making scenes actually never happens. It is actually kissing scenes for which you have to be intimate in real. Films have undergone massive changes now as kissing scenes have almost become mandatory. While I had to seduce and kiss Emraan Hashmi in the film Raaz 3, I was equally tensed.

    Getting Comfortable With Karan

    Q. The song ‘Katrna Katrna' in Alone has many intimate scenes between you and Karan Singh Grover. How did you manage to get comfortable?

    A. I and Karan became good friends during the shooting of Alone. We used to spend time together and laugh together. So, I became comfortable doing the kissing scenes with him. When I saw the song, I was surprised that how could I shoot such a hot song. I just hope my mother doesn't watch this song (Laughs).

    Being Typecast

    Q. Do you feel you have typecast yourself doing only horror films?

    A. Can you name any actress in the industry who does different kinds of roles? None of the actresses play any out of the box roles. It is only Priyanka Chopra who has been lucky enough to do different kinds of roles. But no other actress has done anything much different. If an actress plays a Punjabi role, she is give such roles only and if an actress is seen as a sweet and beautiful girl, she gets similar roles in future too. My genre may be the same but my roles have been different in each film.

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