CBFC Head Cites Sunny Leone's Example For Online 'Vulgarity'


    Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chairman Pahlaj Nihalani is apparently in a mood to bring about some changes in film censorship.

    However, the CBFC head also wants some censorship to be introduced in online media and he explains his reason taking porn-star turned actress Sunny Leone as example.

    In an interview with a leading daily, the Censor Board chairman expresses his concern about the content being uploaded on internet and how it will affect the nation's youth.

    "I am talking about the material that is uploaded. For instance, take Sunny Leone. We accepted her as an artist. And with her popularity, everybody, from school kids to grown ups, have watched her sites (adult films). People are paying money to watch her. How can there be tolerance for all this? What will the new generation learn?", the Censor Board head was quoted.

    After mentioning Ragini MMS 2 actress Sunny Leone as an instance, the CBFC Chairman further said, "I don't mind being called conservative if I have to serve the nation. You have to take care of the new generation, on whom the future of the country depends. So how can we allow ourselves to give them wrong education? The censor board is very liberal. But what is the modern generation watching? We are giving them the license to see anything. How is this projecting our culture? Everything is free online and as you can see the youth is misusing it. Even for the online platform, I feel there should be rules and without censorship material should not be uploaded. "

    Nihalani also took a dig at the contents been shown on Television saying, "On television, they watch content without any censor. Many live programmes come without censor, especial the comedy and fashion shows. So much vulgarity they show on TV. On many live shows you can see short skirts and lingerie. How can you tolerate all this? What is the meaning of censorship then?"

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