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OMG! Sonakshi Sinha Breaks A Record

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Bollywood film industry already knows that actresses arrive fashionably late on the movie sets and for interviews. The thing about 'arriving late would make an actress look cool' is now a thing of the past, or at least claims Sonakshi Sinha by her tweets on breaking her own record of arriving early.

Punctuality, is the main aspect of today's life as everything is moving fast, and arriving late on sets is a big no-no. A lot of actresses have strived to achieve punctuality but failed at it anyway.

So it's shocking to see Sonakshi Sinha, breaking a record and arriving 20 minutes early to a set, she reached so early that not a single soul was present.

Sonakshi Sinha, is currently shooting for the movie Akira, and says she has broken her own record by reaching the sets very early.

The star, took to Twitter to and was extremely happy that she rached the set 20 minutes early from the given time. She tweeted as,

"Breaking my own records! Was supp to reach shoot at 7:30 and here i am 20 mins earlier. Not another soul on set. Reached Thane in 30 mins."

Her followers were so delighted about her professionalism that the tweet was liked by over 1.4K people and retweeted 274 times, which is also the highest in recent times on her account.

Early Morning Winner

Sonakshi Sinha tweeted as, "Breaking my own records! Was supp to reach shoot at 7:30 and here i am 20 mins earlier. Not another soul on set. Reached Thane in 30 mins :P."

She's A Winner

Vishal Dadlani pulls Sonakshi Sinha's leg on being too punctual, for which Sonakshi replies "please think of it as a disorderi have and let it pass... i cant help it!!!!"


A follower makes a rude comment to Sonakshi Sinha asking on Twitter by saying, "What makes you so damn ugly" for which the actress trolled the follower back by her witty and funny picture.

OMG! Sonakshi Sinha Breaks A Record

A close up on the picture that was posted by Sonakshi Sinha, a fitting reply to the "What makes you so damn ugly" rude tweet by a follower.

Sarcasm Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha had tweeted saying, "Yay! We found another planet just like ours... Earth 2.0! I just hope now we don't ruin it just like we did ours..." for which she received replies that were completely stupid. So the actress in response tweeted as, "Yeah, like i expect humanity to reach there by 1 pm tomorrow :')".

Standing Up

Sonakshi Sinha taking a serious stand against Kamaal R Khan.

Nobody Dares To Troll Her

Sonakshi Sinha is ready to battle it out on Twitter.

Not Taking Hate Lightly

Sonakshi Sinha was trolled on Twitter for her forehead being big in which the actress gave back the haters really well.

Beware Twitter Follows

So what hate are you gonna spew next? I'm ready to troll you back.

Bravado Girl!!

Sonakshi Sinha all happy and delighted to reach the movie sets of Akira 20 minutes early than the given time.

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