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SLUT SHAMING! People Called Aaliyah Ebrahim PO*N READY For Posting Bikini Pictures On Instagram!

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You must have surely heard about the saying 'every coin has two sides.' If you look at the star kids, the first thing that will click in your mind is stardom, that they have achieved without doing anything. But let us tell you that being a star kid is not that amazing.

Pooja Bedi's daughter, Aaliyah Ebrahim, who is quite popular among the youth on Instagram recently talked to Spotboye, and her revelations about her life and how she tackled slut shaming will leave you shocked!

From being slut-shamed to her equation with her mother, Aaliyah talked about many things that you can't miss!

'She Is Porn Ready'

Aaliyah said, "I read someone saying: ‘Oh! She is not Bollywood ready, she is porn ready.' I was like, ‘Oh! Just because I wear a bikini, which is what everyone does anyway but don't post photos of it, how is it that it makes me porn ready and not Bollywood ready?"

'Why Actresses Are Not Porn Ready'

"Do you not see Bollywood movies or people wearing bikinis on beaches? All these beautiful, and successful actresses wear bikinis and even short dresses. Why are they not porn ready? The comment just confused me," added Aaliyah.

Aaliyah On Negative Comments

She further told, "For me, I respect your comments as long as they make some sense to me. So this made no sense to me at all. Comments started increasing and they were so random. There was no substance to what people were eventually saying."

Aaliyah On Posting Bikini Pictures S

She told, "I put up pictures regularly. My Instagram is exactly what I am. If I am at a beach or in a pool in a bikini and I look nice in a photo, I'll post it."

Aaliyah Don't Find It Vulgar

"As long as I am adequately covered, it's not vulgar in any way. My Instagram is my life. I feel like it will be dishonest of me to not portray a certain aspect of myself just because of what a few people would say. I feel like I will be betraying a certain portion of my followers."

Aaliyah On Her Academics

"My childhood was very different. My mother (Pooja Bedi) was very strict with me. Academics had to come first. It was like 'first do well in your studies and then go out to have fun'--- that was always the rule. So that's what I did. I kept my grades up and everything was great. Now I study at New York University."

Aaliyah's Mom Pooja Is A Strict Mother

Talking about her mom (Pooja Bedi), Aaliyah told, "The thing is that my mother didn't have any rules on her when she was a child and she hated it. She used to ask for rules and regulations from her mother. So as a mother she has become what she wanted her mother to be with her. She is strict but in reasonable amounts, not overtly."

How Pooja Bedi Reacts On Negative Comments

Aaliyah revealed, "Some are very nice comments, very sweet people that I see all over the place, they always come up to me to say that how much they like the way I am and the way I behave. And then there are people who comment and say hurtful things at times and of course I would be lying if I said that it doesn't hurt from time to time."

Aaliyah's Positive Attitude

She concluded by saying that she will surely continue being available on the social media platforms as she believes there are many lovely people out there, who love her for what she is!

Aaliyah On Her Bollywood Plans

"I am working on whatever it is that I plan to do. I am training and doing my best to be the best at whatever that I plan to do. And what I plan to do, people will see it in a few years from now."

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Aaliyah On Her Equation With Her Dad:

Aaliyah parents parted their ways when she was just five-years old. In the same interview, when Aaliyah was asked about her equation with dad Farhan Furniturewala, here's what she told:

"My equation with my dad is great. My brother and I both see him very often. In fact, I had a brunch with him recently. Even when I am in New York, we talk very often. He calls me frequently."

"I was old enough to remember my dad being around the house, but at the same time a majority of my formative years were spent with my mom on the weekdays and my dad on the weekends. It was a planned schedule. That's how I grew up and everyone was so happy in my surroundings that I never thought that 'Oh, my family is broken. My parents are divorced' The fact that they got divorced is not a sad or a negative thing. At the end of the day, it was for the better."

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