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Anushka Sharma Talks About The Awkwardness Between Her & Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Anushka Shrama worked with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for the first time in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. And just like everyone, she too was bowled over by her poise. The actress revealed recently that she had not interacted with Aishwarya before shooting a scene with her and that unfamiliarity helped her in creating the right awkwardness that was needed between her and Aish for the film.

Read below what Anushka Sharma told Spotboye about working with Aishwarya, her platonic relationship with Ranbir and much more.

Anushka On Her One Scene With Aishwarya Rai

''I was very excited to work with Aishwarya. I knew it would be just one scene over dinner table but I knew that it was the most important scene of the film. Everyone is aware about her beauty, and I am also bowled over by her poise.''

Aishwarya & I Had Not Interacted Much Before

''Karan loves to include a dinner table scene. Now, let me tell you that Aishwarya and I had not interacted much before we shot for the scene. So, that unfamiliarity helped in creating the right awkwardness which was required at that moment.''

On Her Platonic Relationship With Ranbir

''Ranbir and I neither meet frequently nor remain in touch often, but whenever we do we make fun of each other and love every moment of it. We have a very easy bond, and obviously Karan knew about it and wanted to dwell on that further. With RK I have a platonic relationship which is accompanied with a lot of respect for him. I utilised this incidental part of my life to incorporate it in my role.''

On The Moment When Karan Offered Her ADHM

''I was at Karan's house. He had called me saying that he wants to talk to me about a film. When I was told that he wants to cast me in his next directorial, my joy knew no bounds. Let's face it, everyone wants to do a Karan film and it was a big moment for someone who was a kid in the 90s and not from the industry.''

On Her Most Difficult Scene In ADHM

''I would say that Alizeh's entire viewpoint in the film was very crucial. I had to constantly think and remind myself that I am playing a girl who cannot love this boy (called Ayaan, played by Ranbir) in the way that he wants her to. The entire conflict and confusion in ADHM revolves around Alizeh's rigid stand for and against Ayaan. One wrong move, and it might have all collapsed.''

Anushka Sharma further added, ''Besides, this friend thing is not something that many boys appreciate. So I had to be constantly convincing in my portrayal. If I felt at any stage that something was being compromised, I would walk up to Karan and air my opinion.''

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''He was always with me and understood the importance of it, and even incorporated an input or two. Like for example, I told Karan that Alizeh needs to tell Ayaan at some point that 'if you cannot be just friends, I would like this to end'. Remember the scene after the dinner table one where I tell Ranbir that 'Main Khuddar nahin banna chahti hoon?' And he knows what's coming and says 'Get lost'? If you know your character really well, especially the equations you have with the other characters in the story- it helps a lot,'' she said.

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