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Shahrukh Khan's STRANGE Take On Love: Says, 'I Am Unpredictable, I Destroy You, I Distress You'

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You would be lying if you say that you didn't feel for Shahrukh Khan, when he boarded train in the last scene of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and waited desperately for his Simran with tears in his eyes! Every single time, Shahrukh romanced ladies on-screen, he left us wanting for the same affection from our loved ones!

But how well do you know Shahrukh Khan and what 'love' actually means to him? Or what kind of lover he is! Well, get ready to be surprised. Shahrukh Khan made many interesting revelations about himself while talking to Anupama Chopra.

What Shahrukh Khan Thinks About Love?

He says, "It will sound a little pompous and all knowing, but I know all facets of love...however strange it may sound me saying it. You may find a person who knows all the theorems, you may find a person who knows all the plays of Shakespeare and you will find someone who has all the knowledge about films and I am a lot like that."

'I Destroy You, I Distress You'

He adds, "I am beautiful not only physical but in a different way, I am unpredictable, I am charming, I make you glow, I make you sad, I destroy you, I distress you, I create longing for you, I create belonging in you."

'I Know Love Very Well'

He further added, "I could be the best thing that happened to you. So I genuinely am like that and I believe in love like that. I know love very well." Here, we have to agree with SRK. After all, all those magic that he created on screen couldn't be possible without knowing love from very close!

But Shahrukh Has One Problem..

The actor also admitted that he has a problem of falling for women, who are already taken or getting engaged or married. Confused? Don't be! He was talking about his on-screen characters so far.

Here's What He Told

"To begin with, I (Shahrukh Khan) have made an art and profession out of loving women who are going to get married to someone or already married or are engaged and I run after them and I get them from wherever they are from any corner sometimes with charm, sometimes with goodness, sometimes I throw them off the building. But yeah I have a problem (laughs). I have accepted it, it's a problem and it's chronic. The only solution is to keep doing it again and again."

SRK's Funny Take On His Linkup With Salman

In the same interview, he also told, "In the line of work we are, if you're not a late sleeper like me and Salman sometimes, you hardly get time to meet each other. And if you do meet too often, people think maybe you're having a relationship. This is one last rumour that I want, that I and Salman are having a relationship. That's the only thing left."

Does SRK Talks About Stardom With Salman & Aamir?

He says, "We've (SRK, Salman and Aamir) never spoken about super-stardom. "About how famous you guys are?" No, no. Sometimes about how we can make a difference by working together. But those are only the good things. We speak a lot of dirty shit also. I'm joking. I didn't say this about Aamir, he's a good boy."

Anupama Chopra took this special interview in Lisbon, on the sets of Shahrukh Khan's upcoming film, The Ring. The film is directed by Imtiaz Ali and it also marks the third collaboration of SRK and Anushka Sharma.

You can watch the entire interview here..

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