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Sridevi's Daughter Khushi Kapoor, Slams Body Shamers On Her Instagram Account!

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Sridevi's daughter, Khushi Kapoor, has slammed body shamers on her Instagram account & says people need to accept the beauty of a person, and not just their body shapes and sizes.

Body shaming, is unfortunately growing by the day, and a lot of men & women, end up commenting unwanted stuffs about an actress's body and clothing. However, the young lass, Khushi Kapoor has taken it seriously and slammed the people who indulge in body shaming.

Khushi Kapoor

Khushi Kapoor, posted a picture on her Instagram account along with her friend @muskan_chanana. Khushi, slammmed body shamers and asked them to respect people first.

Khushi & Muskan

Khushi Kapoor, has posted a lot of pictures on her Instagram account along with her best buddy, Muskan Chanana.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Best buddies, Khushi Kapoor and Muskan Chanana, have had a lot of fun and we're sure, both the girls would remain best friends for life.

"I'll miss you"

Khushi Kapoor, posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption "I'll miss you" and tagged her best buddy for life, Muskan Chanana.


Khushi Kapoor, tage her friend @asfasayed and just a simple caption of a "heart". It looks like the girls were having a birthday party.


Khushi Kapoor, posted this blurred picture of herself and a friend inside a car. It seems to look like the girls had a drink, and the photographer was also a little bit drunk, maybe.

Girls Girls Girls

Khushi Kapoor, posts a picture of her girl gang on Instagram. Khushi, captioned the picture as "Miss this".

Friendly Kiss

Khushi Kapoor, pecks a friendly kiss on the cheeks of her friend. The backdrop has a lake and greenery with fresh air.


Khushi Kapoor, posted a collage pic on her Instagram, woth 4 different friends of her's. Khushi captioned it as "Sweetest people".

Khushi & Her Friend

Looking at Khushi Kapoor's Instagram friend, the young lass has a huge circle of fun loving, caring and best friends.

No Body Shaming Please

Sridevi's daughter, Khushi Kapoor, has slammed body shamers and we're sure, people would now think twice to comment any unwanted things about somebody's body shape.

Khushi Kapoor, posted an Instagram picture along with her friend, and carried a huge status along with it. Khushi, is right in every way.

Please read the caption carefully & in detail below. These are really golden words that Khushi Kapoor has posted,

"I post my pictures because I feel good and confident. I put out these pictures not because I want to show off or try to be anyone or anything else. I have my own sense of style and my own way to think and me putting out a picture that's accessible to so many people is taken more of an opportunity to judge me or my looks, clothes or anything else. I put something out there because it's something I feel good about, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion but putting someone else down because of it is not making you any better of a person. Please think twice before you decide to comment something rude or offensive, it's not a joke. It's sad how in this day and age where feminism is finally getting the attention it deserves, girls still feel the need to tear each other down and indulge in body shaming. I don't care if you think my stomach pops out or if I don't fit into your idea of beautiful, but for your own conscience please realize that having such narrow minded opinions of people makes you an ugly person inside. I truly believe everyone is beautiful in their own way, why can't we all celebrate that and encourage each other. There is only one of you, embrace your beauty, and don't rain on my parade when I'm confident enough to embrace mine. I hope that whatever it is that frustrates you enough to be so cruel will one day go away, because some people might actually take your snide remarks seriously, and I know from experience it can hurt. Let's be kind to one another, love always x"

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