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Awkward Incident! When Zareen Khan Faced Difficulties In Shooting Bold Scenes [Shocking Revelations]

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Last year, when Hate Story 3 was released, Zareen Khan's intimate scenes and lip locks were all over the news! Recently, the actress featured in a music video with Ali Fazal and many of the song sequences were just too hot to handle!

However, Zareen reveals that it's not an easy job to shoot intimate scenes in front of the entire cast and crew. The actress revealed the difficulties that all those actresses face, while shooting bold scenes!

Here Are The 11 Revelations Made By Zareen:

Zareen On Shooting Bold Scenes

"There are so many things going on in your head while shooting bold scenes. On screen it might look sensual, or hot and great. But when you're shooting for it, you need to take care of so many things," said Zareen.

'So Many Eyes Looking At You'

"There are so many eyes looking at you, cameras being placed at various places and you have to be very careful that it doesnt capture anything wrong, a wrong body angle, because then it will always be there," added Zareen.

Zareen Tries To Not Make It Vulgar

vThe Hate Story 3 actress feels in the midst of all this, if an actor comes out doing such scenes without making them look vulgar and it is a great thing.

One Needs Proper Concentration

"You have to also concentrate on what you're doing. Everything is very mechanical. There are 100 things going on in your mind. In the middle of that if you manage to deliver something which is not looking cheap and vulgar, I think that is a great thing," she said.

Zareen & Her Positive Mind

The actress, however, says she is okay if a segment of people still do not like her work as she concentrates on those who do support her.

'Not Everybody Is Supposed To Like Me'

"There is a segment of people who like me and I am very happy to get the love and support from them. There is some segment which doesnt like me and that is okay. Not everybody in this world is supposed to like me," Zareen said.

Disparity Among Audiences

The actress, who appeared in a bold role in last year's hit Hate Story 3, feels she doesn't understand the disparity between the reception of bold scenes by audience.

Only Big Stars' Bold Scenes Are Praised

"If, may be, a bigger name does this (bold scenes) it's alright. It's like 'wow', 'oh my God', 'looking so hot', this and that. But if somebody with not so much a big or established name is doing it, it is called trash, people are trolling it," told Zareen.

'I Don't Get Bothered'

"I don't understand all these things. But I don't let them get on to me. I don't get bothered or affected by these things. I am here to do my work. I think I've learnt this over the years," added Zareen.

'We Live In A Hypocritical Country'

Zareen also said that, "I feel we live in a hypocritical country. There are a lot of people out there who will say all the possible negative things about that (bold scenes), but they won't avoid watching it. They will still watch it."

Do You Agree With Zareen?

"Some people just like being that way. That no matter what, how ever much they degrade or say bad things about something, they will be the first ones to watch these things," added Zareen!

However, it's not the first time that Zareen is getting vocal about her awkwardness while filming intimate scenes. Even during the promotion of Hate Story 3, Zareen had mentioned that shooting bold scenes didn't come naturally to her!

"I wasn't comfortable earlier, but now I am. In Veer, I was covered from head to toe. I had got a lot of criticism for my weight after my first movie, so my body had to look good and I had a lot of inhibitions doing this role."

"But I am so happy that I trusted my director and now friend Vishal Pandya and did it. It wasn't as difficult as it seemed in my head."

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