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JUST IN: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Teary-eyed Pictures Go Viral; Alia's Sister Shaheen Loses Her Cool

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We all know that the life of a celebrity comes with its own pros & cons! Currently, Internet is inundated with the pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, attending her father's funeral with a heavy heart and teary-eyed!

Alia Bhatt's sister, Shaheen Bhatt slams the photographers for clicking her pictures in her latest Instagram post and here's what the lady wrote. She captioned the picture of her post as, "With respect to the photos of a mourning Aishwarya Rai that are all over the internet."

Read Below, What Her Post Says..

Shaheen Hits At The Photographers..

She wrote, "I have never understood the media showing up to high profile funerals to take pictures of grieving family members. Death is traumatic enough without pictures of you at your most broken being circulated all over social media."

“Why Does Anyone Want To See That”

She further wrote "And why does anyone want to see that? Does anyone really want to click on links that promise us photographs of grief-stricken celebrities crying over the loss of their parent?"

She Further Wrote.

"The insensitivity of it all is mind boggling. There need to be some lines drawn in the crazy voyeuristic age we live in and I think this is one of those lines."

‘It Is Not Okay To Treat A Funeral Like A Party’

"It is not okay to be voyeur of death. It is not okay to treat a funeral like a party and show up to take pictures of the mourners in their finest whites. If you come across pictures like this please don't click and contribute. We need to learn how to be human again."

Big B Mourns The Death Of Krishnaraj

While, on one side, Alia's sister was upset with the pictures of Aishwarya Rai, getting viral on the social media, Megastar Amitabh Bachchan mourns the death of his daughter-in-law's father Krishnaraj Rai.

Big B’s Blog Dedicated To Aishwarya’s Dad

"Death has but one end... And words cannot define it," Amitabh tweeted on Saturday night.
The 74-year-old thespian also greived about the loss on his blog. He wrote: "Glimpses of reactions in the mind, of the lost one, of those that shall reflect on the lost one and suddenly then in the midst of sorrow and grief among the grieved and grieving."

In Picture: Big B At Krishnaraj’s Funeral

"That walk to the ultimate destination and the reality... Embracing the tragedy, the discussions on its transport, its rituals, its formalities... The custom, the tradition, the visitors with the sadness and the embrace of consolation, the last rites, the carriage, the placement, the cremation... What to say what to put out where to put to... All laden with grief and departure," he added.

Krishnaraj Rai was under intensive care at the Lilavati Hospital here and passed away on Saturday after a brief illness. Aishwarya's spokesperson confirmed the news about his demise to IANS.

According to Lt. Gen. V. Ravishankar, who was treating Krishnaraj Rai at Lilavati Hospital, Rai had lymphoma. He was in hospital for over a month. He is survived by his wife Brindya Rai, son Aditya and daughter Aishwarya.

Krishnaraj's funeral was held on Saturday night at the city's Vile Parle Seva Sansthan Shamshan Bhoomi, where a host of film celebrities paid their last respects.

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