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Arjun Kapoor Reveals The BITTER TRUTH About His Relationship With Sridevi's Daughters Jhanvi-Khushi

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It's a known fact that Arjun Kapoor does not share a very warm relationship with his father Boney Kapoor's second wife Sridevi.

In a recent interview with a portal, Arjun Kapoor talked about his half-sisters Jhanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor and revealed a bitter truth about their relationship.

Here's What He Said..

"We don't really meet and spend time together so it doesn't really exist."

Boney Kapoor Had Left Arjun's Mother For Sridevi

It is said that Boney Kapoor was cheating on Mona Kapoor with Sridevi and left her devastated for the Bollywood actress.

Was Sridevi Pregnant?

Industry insiders say that even before marriage, Sridevi got pregnant with Boney Kapoor's child.

Boney Left A Permanent Scar On Arjun & Anshula's Heart

''My sister, Anshula, has stood by me like a rock. She has gone through far worse. She's younger than me. I still had 11 years with my father living in the house.''

My Father Was Not There All The Time

''I had my mother living with me for 25 years but she only got 20. Imagine a child who has been through a life where the father couldn't be physically around all the time after the age of 5.''

And My Mother Too Left Us So Soon

''And the mother who was there physically all the time and then after 20 years, she wasn't there. Imagine the psychological scarring of that child. She's still more mature, very well-educated, honest and more sincere than me."

Arjun Misses His Mother

"How do I reconcile with the fact that she's not here to see that I have created an independent identity for myself, that I run a house, that I've grown up to become everything she wanted me to become?"

She Had Made Many Sacrifices..

"For all the sacrifices she has made for me, there is something as payback which sits here right now as I speak to you. I would have liked her to see that. I wish I was in a position where I could tell her that I have managed to make you proud, Ma.''

No Respite From The Death Of A Mother

''There's no respite from the death of a mother. I always tell people that you are allowed to take your parents for granted to a certain degree but don't underestimate the power of having them around.''

He added, ''They are your backbone. You think it's there but imagine one day it cracks -- you are bound to fall. I have lived my life balancing without a backbone for the last 5 years."

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