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Deepika Padukone Is Playing DIRTY GAMES! Katrina Kaif's Friends Blast Her For An UNETHICAL Attitude!

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Recently, Deepika Padukone was announced as the new brand ambassador of an international cosmetic brand, L'Oreal. But as they say, 'two sword cannot be contained in one sheath', soon after this announcement, we heard that Katrina has broken her association with the same brand owing to her rivalry with Deepika Padukone!

However, rumours were also rife that L'Oreal was not much happy with its association with Katrina Kaif owing to her unprofessional behaviour and uncooperativenes. But recently, the team of Katrina, hit back at saying that it's not true and accused Deepika of playing dirty games!

Here's What They Said..

Katrina's Friends Reveal The Fact..

DNA quoted a source close to Katrina as saying, "Let's talk facts: The international cosmetic brand that signed Katrina doesn't let go of its brand ambassadors-be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Sonam Kapoor either."

Katrina Is Now Interested In Launching Her Own Clothing Line

"Katrina was with them for two years, but when an opportunity to launch her own line of cosmetics presented itself, Kat was interested. She did the ethical thing and told the international brand that she wanted to opt out as it would mean a conflict of interest. She could have continued without anybody knowing."

Every Coin Has Two Sides..

According to Pinkvilla, Katrina Kaif's friends have not just supported Katrina Kaif but also thrashed her rival Deepika Padukone for playing dirty games.

Here's What They Said:

"Why is there insecurity about Katrina? Wonder who DP's advisers are, who are behaving like this? One could understand if you don't have anything. But when you do, what is the need to pull down others to push yourself up?," asks Katrina's friends.

So, What's About Katrina's Own Make-up Line?

After all this mud-slinging, the only question that is coming in our mind is whether Kat's make-up line will be launched or not? On that the same sources says, "For a new brand, it's not a process that happens overnight, but years of research that goes in."

'Katrina Is taking Science Classes'

They further added, "Katrina is being socially responsible by taking her time to do proper research. She is sitting in on everything - from who the target buyer will be to what kind of product she can launch. Katrina is pretty much-taking science classes."

But That's Not All.. Katrina Has Few Work Commitments Too

The daily's source further says, "Moreover, Kat's been busy shooting Tiger Zinda Hai and Jagga Jasoos. She knows there is a huge market for cosmetics waiting to happen as global brands don't cater to all skin types."

Katrina Needs Satisfaction

"Kat will launch her cosmetic brand when she's completely ready and satisfied with her products - whether it's now or when she turns 50," concluded the source.

Kat's Friend Reveals That Katrina Still Feels Like A Commoner

While singing her praises, Kat's friends also revealed that she doesn't live her life like a Bollywood star and still feels like a commoner.

Katrina Doesn't Need To Be Treated Like Princess

"She doesn't feel the need to be treated like a princess. She feels her life is simple and like a commoner's. In any case, she doesn't live in a palace with several maids to attend to her needs," said Katrina's friend.

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