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    BOLD CONFESSION! Ileana D'Cruz Will Never Undergo Plastic Surgery Unlike Few B-Town Actresses

    By Madhuri

    While going under the knife, taking help of fillers and botox injections is a fashion fad among our Bollywood brigade to look young and beautiful, Ileana D'Cruz has a different take on it.

    In the past, actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Ayesha Takia, Anushka Sharma and others have received heavy flak after their drastic 'makeover'. However, 'Baadshaho' actress Ileana D'Cruz says that she will never resort to cosmetic surgery even if it means losing out a film.

    In a candid interview with DNA, Ileana spoke about going under the knife, why her past relationships with actors went kaput and much more. Excerpts...


    When Ileana Refused To Go Under The Knife

    "I had acne at one point, I went to this person to deal with it and she said, ‘look you have laugh lines, I saw you in Barfi and it looks very bad, do you sleep on your side?' I am like I do not know how I sleep, I am sleeping. Secondly what is it to you? She said, ‘Your jawline is very sharp, I will inject you here and there, it will become perfect. I said I do not care. Let it be the way it is."

    I Do Not Want To Touch My Face

    "I don't mind losing out on films but I do not want to touch my face. But so many of them get it done. I see half these girls, they are so pretty and why do you have to be this stupid person and your lips plumped up."

    Do Not Consider Myself Attractive

    I do not consider myself attractive so when I have people come up to me...

    When I have actors flirting with me in acting, in my head, I am thinking, ‘If I flirt back, I could definitely land a film with this guy. If I consider going to his house for drinks considering he has invited me, I could definitely get a film with him.' But I just don't want to do that. Why do I have to do that?"

    If I Am Talented Enough, Why Can't I Just Get A Film?

    "If I am talented enough, why can't I just get a film? I had a breakdown when I was filming in London for Mubarakan this time because of this.

    I lost a film, and I felt, if I have to be someone's girlfriend to get a film, should I not be in this line of work? Eleven years of acting it has been for me and I still sometimes think, I am not cut out for this."

    There Are Some Actors I Won't Do A Film With No Matter How Good The Film Is

    "It matters who the director is and it matters who the actor is. The production aspect I honestly don't understand so much, I have Reshma (manager) for that, and honestly, they have saved me from a lot of problems in the past.

    So yes, who my actor is, definitely matters to me. There are some actors that I know I won't do a film with no matter how good the film is."

    I Have Seen A Lot Of People Get Ahead If They Do Some Things

    On being prodded to name those actors, Ileana quipped, " cannot give you a blatant answer because I will get into trouble. Off the record I could tell you.

    I know I have been told not to believe stories but I hear and have seen a lot of people get ahead if they do some things. And I am not going to give in irrespective of who you are. I am not judging anyone.... Which is also one of the reasons of my breakdown in London, I cried so much."

    I Was Told Talking About My Boyfriend Could Damage My Career

    " I was told it could damage my career. I was told not to talk about it. I remember the first awards show we went to together. I've never talked about this. I was very nervous. Barfi was nominated for so many categories and I had to go.

    I was lucky to have Andrew with me at that time. We were discussing going and I for a second, thought about whether we should have separate entries. Then I felt like that was so unfair. Look, when Shahid got married, everyone was was celebrating and he had a kid that was celebrated even more.

    My Boyfriend (Andrew Kneebone) Is My Strength

    "Why is it such a big deal when it is a woman dating? I was just like I don't need to tell them a story of how I met this person. All I need to do is tell him that he is my strength and I want him to be there and I want to be holding his hand. I did, and it felt awesome."

    Ileana On Dating Actors In The Past

    "I have dated actors in the past. Six years in the south, when I was young, raging hormones call it what you will, we have all been there.

    For me, it was like a relationship you know and I had great moments and bad moments but I couldn't deal with the constant association with films and films, I want to talk about something else. I do not want to bring my work home with me. I want to talk about stuff and life and I want to talk about a garden, I mean,

    Andrew has a garden back home. He is like, ‘Do you want to grow some basil?' I say, yes. We talk about stuff and we have a life apart from films. It is a job for me. But everyone makes it out to be like this thing is your entire life. For me, it is just a job. I am going to lose films because of this."

    Well, it was quite bold of Ileana to speak her mind! What do you folks think?

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