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    Kajol Reveals What One Thing IRRITATES Her The Most & We Couldn't Agree More!

    By Madhuri

    Kajol made her Bollywood debut with Bekhudi in 1992 and since then she never looked back. Talking about completing 25 years in the film industry, the stunning actress in a recent interview with DNA got candid about the old days, paparazzi culture and more.

    Read on to know what she had to say...


    Kajol Reminisces The Old Days

    "I don't think we ever had contracts then. There would be just a one-page signing memo at the end of every film or at the time of release, that too, if you asked for it. There are films we have done without contracts, just on the basis of handshakes, or for friends, and never thought about it again.

    Some films, we have actually done for free, and I know it's shocking in this day and age. We didn't charge a penny and did the film because the producers were struggling to make the movie."

    Kajol Says The Film Industry Has Changed

    "It's more professional. Bollywood has become a big industry. Earlier, the industry was much smaller and there used to only be a handful of people working. Now, there are corporate, so there are a hundred different avenues and reasons to have a job. The time has changed. In a lot of ways, for the good and in a lot of ways, for the bad."

    The Hectic But Fun Days

    "Most actors would do day-and-night shifts to complete two films at the same time - hop from one set to the other. It was hectic, but it was fun."

    She further added, "That's not because we had a personal equation with the filmmaker or better understanding at the time. That is because people have realized now that you can't do everything.

    At that point of time, every film did well. I don't think there was anything that you could have called a very big flop. It was a different time and space altogether and everyone watched everything because there was no other form of entertainment back then. Now, people are more conscious about what they are doing, what they are saying on and off screen. That also contributed a lot to it.

    Again, for the better and because it's a different world today than what it was then."

    90s Was The Best Time For Multistarrers, Agrees Kajol

    "The '90s was the time for the best multi-starrers. Big stars wouldn't mind sharing screen space in a film - something that rarely happens now. Kajol agreed and said, "That's the whole point. Nobody is that confident about the other person anymore, to do a multi-starrer. That is why I am saying that there definitely are some good changes, but there are also changes that are not-so-great."

    We Were All Drinking Buddies But Now It's Suddenly All About I, Me & Myself

    "Back then, everyone was friends, everyone knew each other. We were all drinking buddies. We knew each others' families, wives, and children. Now, it's suddenly all about I, me, and myself... more about ‘me' as a brand. Will I work with another person? Will that affect my brand equity? Will the other person overshadow me? So, yes, there are a lot of insecurities and considerations to take into account now."

    The Paparazzi Culture Bugs The Crap Out Of Kajol

    Kajol was quoted saying, "It bugs the crap out of most people, including me. Everyone wants to have a certain amount of normality in life. But then, maybe that's just me. There may be many people who would be very happy to get dressed and get out every day, every morning.

    They would be glued to their make-up, styling and God knows what else and still be happy about it. I'm not putting them down in any way. But it's just about me as a person. I like the part of my life which is private and normal - where I don't have to play dress up for the photographers. I went to a mandir a few days ago for a pooja and the paparazzi landed over there, too. I was like, ‘Excuse me, what are you doing here?'"

    Do you agree with what Kajol had to say? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Meanwhile, the actress will be next seen in Dhanush starrer VIP 2.

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