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Kangana Ranaut Is The Donald Trump Of Bollywood!

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There's a saying which goes, 'You cannot stump the Trump' and for Kangana it is 'You cannot run out the Ranaut.'

When Donald Trump announced he'd run for the presidency in 2015, career politicians laughed. As days passed they had to take him seriously as he opened a can of worms by saying things as it is. He rode his way up and sent shivers down politicians' spine by saying 'whatever he wanted' and 'whenever he wanted.' In reality, it was the harsh truths that he spoke and people knew deep down, that he was indeed right!

Kangana Ranaut Donald Trump

Welcome to Bollywood, where nepotism dates way back and career actors are having fun and send their kids to become stars as well, while the others have to audition and break their backs to get an opportunity. Everything was smooth until Kangana Ranaut entered Koffee With Karan and right on his face called KJO the "flag-bearer of nepotism." It was a shock to him nonetheless, but it was the harsh truth.

Things took a whole new turn as KJO attacked her on various public forums but Kangana did not back down. She took him and his entire bandwagon head-on and spoke ill about nepotism and that freaked out the other stars as well. The stars came out in the open by saying that 'nepotism is not a problem and talent has sustained us.' Saif Ali Khan wrote an open letter about the nepotism debate and blamed everyone else instead for this debacle.

End of the day, Kangana Ranaut is same as Donald Trump! Both don't fear anything and take things head on. They say the harsh truths and get condemned by a lot of 'career politicians' and 'career stars', respectively. Their fighting spirit cannot be diminished and in return, their fire will end up burning the opposition instead. We can arguably say that Kangana is truly the Trump of Bollywood.

Bollywood's Trump

Kangana Ranaut is bold and fearless and speaks her mind without worrying about repercussions exactly like Donald Trump.

Double Edged Sword

Both Trump and Kangana are known for saying the harsh truths and are like a double edged sword.

Truth Telling

While others may find this kind of trait as aggressive, the others realise that it's nothing but truth telling.

Made Of Teflon

Donald Trump is made of teflon and no criticism really sticks to him. The same applies to Kangana as well.

Too Much Winning

They talk as if they have nothing to lose! Which is indeed how winners actually talk.

Simply Cannot

Can't stump the Trump! Cant run out the Ranaut.

Gaining Popularity

Both Donald Trump and Kangana Ranaut have opened a can of worms in their respective fields and gained popularity from it.

Alpha People

We hope one day Trump and Kanana would meet in person! It would be amazing. Two alpha people at once.

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