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First Time Ever! Kangana Ranaut Reveals The REAL REASON Behind Her Break-up With Hrithik Roshan!

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    We all know about the ugly war between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. It all started when Kangana Ranaut called Hrithik her silly-ex in an interview. Soon, Duggu's team of lawyers slapped a legal notice against the Rangoon babe.

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    Now for the first time ever, Kangana Ranaut revealed the real reason behind her break-up with Hrithik Roshan in an explosive interview to Spotboye.

    I Have Never Suggested Any Relationship To Be Dragged If It Has Died

    ‘'I am not someone who will show patience against something that is my attacking my dignity. Take my word, I have never begged any man to stay if he wanted to leave. I have never suggested any relationship to be dragged if it has died.''

    ''In fact, I have been the one to say: 'Why drag dead meat?' And I hold pride in that. I hold the trend to carry on without any weakness. And people want to attack that very thing. But I am a great daughter, friend and lover.''

    So Why Did Her Relationship With Hrithik Roshan End?

    When Kangana Ranaut was asked about the real reason behind her break-up with Hrithik Roshan, she said, ''Two different personalities.''

    But Why Didn't She Realise This When Her Affair With Hrithik Roshan Started?

    ''We are not here to talk about what has gone in the grave, We can go on dissecting but...''

    Till Date I Have Not Said Sorry To Hrithik Roshan!

    ‘'He sent me a notice asking me to apologise in front of everyone. But am I going to do that? It's not fighting back, but I am not going to respond to such bullying. So, I sent a notice back. Till date, I have not said 'Sorry', though he's going on forgiving me.''

    Kangana Makes Fun Of Hrithik Roshan's Case Against Her

    ''Woh bhi koi case tha? There was an impersonator who wanted to imitate only Hrithik and is in love with me. I am in love with Hrithik and since he wants a 'Sorry' from me he sent me a Defamation. And now, there's no impersonator and no Defamation.''

    I Accepted To Being A Psycopath Whore & A Witch

    ‘'I have said so much rubbish on public platforms. When this whole controversy happened, I even accepted to being a psychopath or a whore or a witch or to having written mails which I never wrote. I accepted simply to test what kind of response I get.''

    I Was Appointed Head Of A Witch Community

    ‘'I got beautiful letters of love. I was appointed Head Of A Witch Community formed by some young women (laughs). I love my audience. People are living in delusions. I am sorry for them, they are not living real lives and not getting true love.''

    But Still She Thinks That She Didn't Make Wrong Choices

    ‘'They're not wrong choices. It's just that one thing rolls into another and you don't reach anywhere because of a certain path. I too initially thought that you cannot speak about your affairs and many other things because the society is judgmental. If this obstacle hadn't come my way, I would have still remained in that cocoon.''

    Why Be Fake?

    ‘'But this particular incidence taught me that there's no such thing. Everybody is struggling with his/her life. Nobody realises it but deep down, we all know what's our true essence and what goes on in human psyche- whether it's malice, hostility, love or desire. So why be fake? Why not bare your soul? I think this incidence only taught me that there is acceptance and love out there from people.''

    On Why Men Kept Her Behind The Doors?

    ‘'Everyone wants to be goody-two-shoes. That's too good to be real. Honestly, it's hard to know why they want to be holier-than-thou. Nobody talks about their relationships. Everyone wants to portray that they are virgins.''

    ''I think it's because they feel that they are judged for that. But I don't think likewise. I think people are looking for real people, they don't want to see holier-than-thou people. I have still always been open. I have even spoken about my panties and vagina. I think it's important to be yourself.''

    In the same interview, Kangana Ranaut was asked how she concentrates on her work in such times, ''It's very difficult. A part of you is falling, and a bunch of jealous hacks are trying to down you. It is terrible when you are betrayed by someone to whom you have given all your love and faith to. I was in Arunachal Pradesh when the notice came. I was going for my shots--- and my hands were shaking and blood pressure was low. The phone was ringing. It was crazy.''

    ''There's a world out there which is coming crashing down, you are giving a shot of a film which is your priority but whose fate you don't know. It's a tragedy of different proportion,'' she added.

    We wonder what Hrithik Roshan has to say after all this!

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