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SHE'S CRAZY! This Actress CONFESSED To Kareena Kapoor Khan About Her Obsession With Saif Ali Khan!

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    Neha Dhupia's podcast show '#NoFilterNeha' on Saavn has turned out to be a platform of confessions & revelations for all the celebs of the B-town.

    In the latest episode, this Bollywood actress revealed that she is obsessed with Saif Ali Khan has also confessed her obsession about Saif in front of Kareena Kapoor Khan.

    Can You Guess Her?

    She says, "I used to collect these chips packets on which Saif had a picture and I was obsessed with him. And every time I meet him and even when I've met Bebo, I only talk about how I'm obsessed with Saif."

    It's None Other Than Parineeti

    "I used to neatly stack them up and lock them in my steel cupboard I remember we used to have. And till today, those packets are very much there," says Parineeti Chopra.

    Parineeti Blames Alia, Aditya & Varun For Her Alcohol Lifestyle

    "It was the end of Dream Team and Alia and Aditya and Varun and me, everybody was partying. Sid and Katrina had already left."

    "So four of us we went to this club and everybody was like today Pari has to drink and I'm like no guys, I don't drink alcohol so it's not going to happen."

    Here's What Had Happened

    "This is like 10 months ago. They were like no, no, you have to drink. A couple of my other friends and Alia and Aditya and everybody they all said okay, we're all going to do Jager bombs and they made one jäger bomb for me and I said okay cool I'll have it."

    "I hate the taste of it, I hate the smell but I'll do it and I had it and 15 mins later they were like - anything?! I was like no, nothing, I'm fine. Like, see, there's no point of alcohol in life and lalala."

    Aww, Poor Parineeti

    "And they were like you gotta do another one and they gave me a second one. Neha, I have danced till 6am the next day, I have gone down to the lobby and hugged everyone, I've given so much love and the next day I've woken up like WOW, that was so much fun! I want to do this again. And there started my alcohol lifestyle."

    When Parineeti Worked As A PA For Rani Mukerji

    "I was her PA just for one day. It was the best day of my life! Because she was my favourite and she was going to my favourite reality show Bigg Boss and in fact, I got to spent 1.5 hours driving to Khandala with her."

    "And in fact, she told me that you know, you have it in you to become an actress. You should become an actress. I was like wow, Rani Mukherjee, my idol is saying this to me."

    Parineeti: Arjun Is Arrogant

    "I call him arrogant. He's not arrogant but he's one of those, dead expression, dry humour kind of guy. I'm always like - why you so arrogant to me, talk properly to me, call me ma'am!"

    Parineeti & Ranveer In A Bathtub Full Of Nutella

    "It is mine and Ranveer's dream to fill a bathtub full of Nutella and jump in it! We'll be wearing clothes, don't worry."

    Parineeti's Love For Pizza

    "Pizza is the way of living life. Pizza is life. There's no life without pizza. I can say all versions of this sentence but basically, pizza is the most favourite thing of mine in the world! It is basically bread and cheese and chilli for me and I can literally live, like Monica, I can live in a house of cheese."

    Parineeti On Her Two Failed Relationships

    "I'm not a person who dates. I'm the kind of person who gets into something long term. It's usually me chasing the guy, you know. I've gotten into two long term relationships."

    "It's always been with the intent to marry the guy and they have not worked out, obviously. I don't have one-night stands, I don't have flings, I don't date."

    Don't forget to tell us in the comments section below, which revelation of Parineeti Chopra, left you all surprised.

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