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DAMN TO THEIR STARDOM! Salim Khan Reveals Why Salman Khan, Ranbir Kapoor & SRK FAILED As A Superstar

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2017 is one of the most unfortunate years in the history of Bollywood. Why? Because even the biggest Superstars of the B-town, failed to create magic at the box-office and their films faced rejection from most of the audience.

In an interview with Scroll.in, Salman Khan's father, Salim Khan reveals why the films of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, couldn't perform well at the box-office and you will surely agree with him at some of his points.

He Started With The Tubelight Failure..

Speaking about Tubelight debacle, he said, "It was a good film, which would have done well if any other actor had starred in it, but to have an action hero like Salman getting constantly beaten up and crying all the time just didn't work with the audience."

'Salman Doesn't Have That Sort Of Image'

"Someone like Raj Kapoor could do any role, the common man, the lover, the comedian, but Salman doesn't have that sort of an image. The audience kept expecting him to fight back and when he did retaliate a bit towards the end, the entire audience cheered for him, but it never went beyond a couple of blows."

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'Love Story Was Missing From Tubelight'

'Love Story Was Missing From Tubelight'

"Also missing was a love story and in fact the little you see was added later, there wasn't any initially," added Salim Khan.

Why Did He & Salman Compensate The Distributors

"The reason for compensating the distributors was that the price it had been sold at was in expectation of it making Rs 250-300 crore at the box office like most Salman films, which it didn't. If Tubelight had been sold reasonably, it would have been a hit."

Salim Khan On Ranbir, Salman & SRK's Flop Films

"The reason for this is very simply that we have been making bad films. And the cause is that we just don't have writers of any calibre and that is because people have forgotten how to read."

Salim Khan Feels There's So Much Of Poverty Of Talents In The Industry

"Let's talk about today's filmmakers. What is their inspiration? Invariably it is Mother India, Ganga Jumna, Pyaasa, Salim Javed films, Bimal Roy and BR Chopra films. But they don't make films of that standard. Their excuse is that they don't want to make those types of films. But the fact is that they can't make those films. They have made this out to be a virtue."

Salim Khan Comments On SRK & Ranbir

"Then there is the fact that they want to make offbeat films but want big actors in it because those are the actors with the draw and the audience and the ones who will get them money."

"Earlier, the filmmakers who made these films would take good actors and make a small film with a limited budget, which reached its intended audience. But if you take a Shahrukh or a Ranbir you have to make a film to suit their image, which their storyline doesn't, and so the film does badly."

Mr Khan Lauds Akshay Kumar

In the same interview, Salim Khan praised Akshay Kumar for his work and said, "I have to say for Akshay Kumar that the way he has improved as an actor is something that no one else has been able to. The journey that he has covered is almost impossible to imagine."

Who's Better? Akshay Or Salman

"Today Akshay Kumar is an actor who can tackle every kind of subject. Other actors like Ajay Devgn, Aamir Khan and Salman have also improved over the course of their careers, but none like Akshay."

Salim Khan's Advice To Industry

"Very simple: we need to make good films. What filmmakers seem to have forgotten is the importance of the screenplay. They focus on the story. Very frankly, if we had narrated the story of Deewaar to anyone, we would have been thrown out of the office. What made it exceptional was the screenplay."

Do you agree with the words of Salim Khan? Let us know in the comments section below..

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