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HARD TO BELIEVE! Shahrukh Khan Never Discusses This One Thing With Salman And Aamir Khan

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Superstars Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan still dominate the film industry when it comes to box office collections. Naturally, one would believe that there is a stiff competition between the trio as time and again, news of their rivalry keep grabbing headlines.

However in reality, the picture is quite different. Recently in an interview with Hindustan Times, Shahrukh Khan opens up about his relationship with Salman and Aamir like never before. Scroll down to read more...

'I Wish Everyone Well'

"I wish everyone (Salman and Aamir) well, and I am sure they wish me well too."

'Earlier There Was Competition'

"We (the Khans) have been doing this [acting] for too long. Initially, for the first 5-6 years, when there are new actors, such things (competition etc.) might happen, especially when people around you talk on those lines."

'The Contemporaries Have Known Each Other For A Long Time'

"When you have been there [in the industry] for so long, two things become very clear - firstly, if people say that you are done with when a newcomer is making his/her debut, it's not true. I have seen enough of that, and secondly, if someone says, ‘you are competing with your contemporaries,' then that's not true either since the ‘contemporaries' have known each other for very long."

SRK Shares A Very Different Relationship With Aamir And Salman

"If anyone saw us [contemporaries] - the most of us - sitting together, they would be surprised. I am not extremely friendly with some [actors] as we don't know each other personally. But if Aamir, Salman and I specifically sat down and chatted, you would see a very different relationship."

SRK Talks About His Bond With Aamir

"So, for instance, Aamir can say, ‘yaar, tune abhi tak Dangal (2016) dekhi nahi (you haven't watched Dangal till now).' And I will tell him, ‘I will watch it when I am free.' So, he will say, ‘You call me up; I will come over.' In fact, I had called him the other day but he was leaving for a foreign country."

The Three Khans Never Talk About Work

"We don't talk work at all. In fact, we have never done it. So, our equations are on a very different level."

They Never Sit Together And Judge Each Other's Films

We never sit together, gauge and judge that, ‘accha, meri film nahi chali (oh, my film didn't do well).' It's not like Salman will ever sit with me and say, ‘oh, your film didn't do very well. What have you done?"

What's Common Between The Three Khans?

" I think all of us know that we share something common but that commonality is not films or stardom. That commonality is something else, which we also don't know. So it's very difficult [for us] to assume that [other] people will know about it and so, we will compete about that commonality. I don't think so."

SRK Shares A Kind Of Non- Blood Brotherhood With Salman And Aamir

"If I think hard, it's like there are three people from different places but they manage to get a similar thing. But all three achieve that through different processes and they also think very differently about it but the beauty is that the ‘thing' is the same. So I think we have a strange sense of camaraderie, and a kind of non-blood brotherhood."

SRK Talks About His Rivalry With Salman And Aamir

"To be absolutely honest, there is no such feeling (of competing with one another). The easiest thing would be to say either yes or no, but there is nothing like that between us. When we talk to each other, I think work is the last thing on our minds."

'We Know About Each Other's Feelings'

"I think the three of us know that we have something in us that makes us think on similar lines. So, if I say something, Aamir will understand and if Salman has to say something, Aamir and I will understand, and that's how it goes. There might not be any fourth person in the world who has been doing it for so long and will understand the same things. Even we don't understand or try to understand that camaraderie. We know about each other's feelings."

SRK On Competiting With Salman And Aamir At The Box Office

"I think out of 50 years of my age, I've worked for nearly 26 to 27 years. And in those ‘working' years, I have been on the sets at least half a day on an almost daily basis. So, it means that I have spent about 13 years of my life on the sets.

Actually, it would be 15 years if I also include my television stint etc. In those 15 years - whatever time I am left with after spending 50 per cent of it on the sets - I've run a cricket team, managed two big theme parks for kids and spearheaded a VFX company, besides the fact that I also produce films and help my kids with their studies too."

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