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      Akshaye Khanna On Vinod Khanna Joining Osho’s Commune: ‘I Couldn’t Understand It Until I Was 15’


      Renowned, but controversial spiritual guru Osho, and his spokesperson Ma Anand Sheela have become pop culture phenomenon after the Netflix series Wild Wild Country. It is a lesser known fact that Akshaye Khanna, through his father Vinod Khanna, is indirectly associated with Osho.

      Akshaye: I Understand Why Dad Joined Osho’s Commune

      It all started when Vinod decided to give up the life he had built to take up sanyas in Osho's commune. Akshaye recently opened up about this and admitted that he now understands his father's decision, revealing that if the commune hadn't disbanded, Vinod would not have returned.

      Speaking to Mid-Day, Akshaye said that he was only four or five when Vinod Khanna left them. He couldn't understand why he had left, until he was 14 or 15, when he started reading, listening and learning about who Osho really was.

      He said, "To not only leave his family, but to take 'sanyas' (renunciation). Sanyas means giving up your life in totality - family is [only] a part of it. It's a life-changing decision, which he felt that he needed to take at the time. As a five-year-old, it was impossible to understand it. I can understand it now."

      "Something must have moved him so deeply inside that he felt that kind of decision was worth it for him. Especially, when you have everything in life," he added.

      Akshaye rubbished the beleif of the day that it was because Vinod got disillusioned with Osho that he came back. "From whatever memories I have about my father talking about that time in his life, I don't think that was a reason at all. It was just the fact that the commune was disbanded, destroyed, and everybody had to find their own way," he said, adding that otherwise, he would not have come back.

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