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      Kangana Ranaut Receives Backlash After Calling Urmila Matondkar A 'Soft P*rn' Actress


      Actress Kangana Ranaut has been receiving major backlash after calling Urmila Matondkar a soft porn actress. While speaking to Times Now, Kangana took a major jibe at Urmila and said, "Pulling faces, making a mockery out of my struggles, and attacking me on the basis of the fact that I'm trying to please BJP for a ticket. Well, one doesn't have to be a genius to figure for me it isn't very difficult to get a ticket."

      She further added, "Even Urmila, she is a soft porn star. I know it's very blatant. But she isn't known for her acting for sure. What is she known for? For doing soft porn right? If she can get a ticket, why won't I get a ticket?"

      Jaya Prada Backs Ravi Kishan; Says Jaya Bachchan Didn't Have The Right To Make Such StatementsJaya Prada Backs Ravi Kishan; Says Jaya Bachchan Didn't Have The Right To Make Such Statements

      It all started when Urmila Matondkar slammed Kangana for her remarks on senior actress Jaya Bachchan, who had earlier reprimanded the Queen actress (without taking her name) for tarnishing the image of Bollywood industry, and calling it a 'gutter'.

      Meanwhile, netizens are hell-bent on trashing Kangana over her blatant statements against B-town celebrities.


      @navin_duggal: Doesn't it look that #KanganaRanaut is using public shoulder to target bollywood. We are just a pawn for her. I have always said she has public vendetta against Karan Johar and Hritik roshan. She thinks that she has achieved more than all the big celebs. Use your own mind.

      @mana4you: @UrmilaMatondkar is selfmade and proved herself by displaying amazing acting abilities in #Kaun #EkHasinaThi #Bhoot #Rangeela & many other movies. #KanganaRanaut's statement is pathetic. #BanKanganasAccount.

      @om2kool: I'm usually mixed about #CancelCulture. But here I'm taking an exceptional stand in saying that for the love of God, please cancel this stupid woman, this sorry excuse of a person, an absolutely disgusting human being named #KanganaRanaut. Now I feel dirty after saying her name.

      @tusharbedi: #KanganaRanaut calling #UrmilaMatondkar a 'soft porn' actress is proof that she lacks both class & education. This, right after she created a hue & cry about #SanjayRaut calling her 'haramkhor'. She's a pseudo feminist if I ever saw one.

      @whitediamond_S: #KanganaRanaut is Schizophrenia badly needs a psychiatrist. She is her own biggest enemy will kill herself. Her family should provide adequate protection!

      @mana4you: #KanganaRanaut Says '@UrmilaMatondkar is a soft porn star'. This woman has lost all her dignity & class. She has no right to character assassin anyone. Her account should be banned for spreading hatered. I regret that once I was a very big fan of her.

      (Social media posts are unedited.)

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