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      Rangoli Chandel Hits Back At Shabana Azmi: Why Don’t You Just Stick To Acting?


      In a recent interview, veteran actor Shabana Azmi offered her take on Kangana Ranaut's constant attacks on the Hindi film industry and her colleagues. Shabana said that Kangana's assumed self-importance and her making outrageous statements is a result of her wanting to remain in the headlines. She also said that Kangana should stick to acting.

      Now, Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel has hit back at Shabana. Rangoli took to her Instagram handle to question Shabana. She asked why Shabana and her husband don't stick to their respective professions of acting and poetry.

      Rangoli Hits Back At Shabana: Why Don’t You Stick To Acting?

      While talking to Mumbai Mirror about the current unrest in Bollywood, Shabana also shared what she felt about Kangana's controversies. "Kangana has started believing in her own myth. She says she taught feminism to the film industry, she taught it nationalism I'm glad she spelled that out because nobody else had noticed! I think she fears the day when she will no longer be in the headlines and so has to keep making outrageous statements to stay in the news. Poor girl, why doesn't she just do what she is best at, which is acting," she said.

      In response to this, Rangoli wrote in an Instagram story, "Here comes the suicide gang! Dear Shabana ji I have a few questions for you and your husband. Why don't you both also stick to your respective acting and poetry? Why do you guys actively participate in anti India politics? To remain in headlines? Or you feel for certain issues? If you anti India agendas are genuine then why can't her pro India agendas be genuine as well? Why different rules for her and different for you?"

      Kangana has been slammed by many of celebrities in the recent past for apparently being opportunistic and bullying her colleagues.

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