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      Saqib Saleem On Social Media Bullies: These Are The Same People Who Will Run And Meet Celebs


      Social media bullying and harassment has become more problematic than ever, with even celebrities not being spared. One such celebrity who has faced a lot of bullying is Saqib Saleem. Offering his view on the issue, Saqib said that when one feels anonymous behind a computer screen, all they do is abuse people. He also challenged bullies and told them that if they are real, they shouldn't hide behind a computer screen.

      Saqib Saleem To Social Media Bullies: You Are Not Even Real

      In an interview with Hindustan Times, Saqib said that he would quit social media if he could because it is full of filth.

      Talking about the reason why social media platforms were created, he said, "When these networking platforms came into existence, they were made to connect people, their ideologies. I just watched the film, Social Dilemma, which talks about how when Facebook was launched, people found organ donors and it united long lost friends. Look what has become of it now."

      Continuing about the issue of abuse and bullying, he said, "When you are behind a computer screen and your real identity is not there, all you do is abuse people. I am from Delhi and I want to say to all these people, 'If you have the courage, abuse me to my face.' These are the same people who will be the first ones to run to meet celebrities if they spot them. I feel we interpret freedom of expression in a very wrong manner. Freedom of expression doesn't mean I can abuse people, it means I can share my point of view. You are allowed to share your point of view, I am open to any sort of criticism but don't abuse my mother, sister. What kind of criticism is this?"

      Saqib took on abusers and said, "You are not even real, you have hidden your identity behind a computer screen. The day you find courage, come and abuse on my face." The actor believes that trolls are anyway fake accounts and says, "If you are real, come in the real world."

      Not just Saqib, but many other celebrities such as Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Shaheen Bhatt and more have also started speaking up against social media bullying. Some have even quit social media platforms due to the increased negativity and toxicity on them.

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