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      Shruti Haasan: My Surname And My Resting B**** Face Kept People At Arm’s Length


      Shruti Haasan got brutally honest about gender dynamics on sets during a recent media interaction. She talked about how she used to withdraw and become silent as a protective mechanism to the unequal way in which a hero and she are treated. However, she said that she now feels more comfortable to say what she wants to say.

      Shruti Chose Silence As A Protective Mechanism On Sets

      Talking to PTI, Shruti opened up on the different things she has used as a protective mechanism on sets. "The combination of my surname and my resting b**** face has kept a lot of people at an arm's length. Now after many years, I feel comfortable and safe enough to open up and say whatever I want," she said.

      She continued, "I chose silence and withdrawal as a protective mechanism. I think a lot of women on set feel that way. They'd say 'Don't keep reading a book, it looks impolite'. So I'd just keep going to the vanity van because I didn't know who to communicate with. It took me a long time to learn how to navigate things."

      Sharing an instance which illustrated the differential treatment that she received on set, she said, "So the chair will be first kept for the hero. In my first few films, I was never offered a chair first, or on any other set. The guy always got the chair first. 'Oh the hero has come near the monitor, get him a chair,' they would say."

      "It's the good men who said, 'No, you please sit first.' I don't face that anymore. But what I can do as a woman is be sensitive to the women on set," she added.

      Shruti's short film Devi co-starring Kajol, Neha Dhupia and others released on Monday. The film has been showered with praises for depicting the story of nine women who are brought together by the abusive circumstances they faced, and form a sisterhood while negotiating their differences.

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