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      Ameer Merchant: Good Work Ethic Is The Key To Success


      The Owner of Marine Enterprises, Euphoria, Island Food Co., MTC and Al Reza Foods- Ameer Merchant has built a name and respect for himself through years of experience and the success of his business ventures. The industry titan has built an empire and has emerged as a big-time investor in the stock market.

      Ameer Merchant

      The 33-year-old hails from Bhavnagar and is currently based in Dubai. His operations span Mumbai, Dubai and Iran. The dynamic entrepreneur is a pioneer in the field of shipping machinery export and refurbishing- Marine Enterprises is a leader in the country- and has established himself as an unwavering force in the food industry with Euphoria and Al Reza Foods.

      Recently in an interview Merchant talked about his work process and shed some light on what goes in his mind when it comes to business. Stating, "For me, I always move the goalpost one step higher whenever I achieve something. That is how I stay driven- I always push myself to do better and to push boundaries.".

      We reached out to him to know more about his journey.

      He wrote back to us, saying, "No journey can take place without two things- a destination and determination. You need to have a goal in mind, you need to have a vision that this is where you want to reach. And you need to have the focus and courage to stay on that road till you have reached where you need to be. A good work ethic is the key to success. You have to show commitment, and willingness. You need to give it your all everyday and then you'll see results. Of course, it can get tiring, but tiring doesn't mean it's worth quitting.".

      Merchant says that he is grateful to have a good support system in the form of his friends and family that help him stay grounded and keep him motivated. He says, "Any time you feel demotivated and turning your back on your dreams, just take a step back and look at all those who have supported you so far. They believe in you, they have invested their faith in you. Take some time to be with them, to rest and recoup and then get back on track again.".

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