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      Ankita Konwar On Racism Against Northeast People: Even Today, People Leave Comments Like Chinki On My Posts


      Milind Soman's wife Ankita Konwar who hails from Assam, had recently called out the racist attitude of citizens of India after Mirabai Chanu's win at Tokyo Olympics 2020. In her tweet, she had spoken about how a certain section of section is infested with racism and written that people from Northeast become Indians only after winning medals.

      Later in an interview with a leading tabloid, Ankita shed light on what pushed her to share those thoughts on social media.


      Ankita told Hindustan Times that it's time to accept our flaws and added, "It's is not going to change by just one person. I'm just trying to make it a point that these things exist in our society."

      Milind Soman's Wife Ankita Konwar Reacts To Not Having Kids After Marriage!Milind Soman's Wife Ankita Konwar Reacts To Not Having Kids After Marriage!

      She continued, "I know people who call out individuals from Northeast as 'chinki'; I've corrected them many times. Now, I see them coming out and say, 'We're so proud of you'. When you see a post like that, you're like, 'Oh wow, now you think that we're a part of India', but when I'm there with you, then you don't think so'. It's only when somebody is winning a medal that you can be a part of the country, so what about the rest of us then."

      The 29-year-old revealed that her tweet had stemmed from her personal experience and shared, "(Even today) people just come on my page and post comments like corona, Chinese, or chinki. It's hurtful."

      Ankita Konwar Calls Out Hypocrisy, Says Northeast People Can Become Indians Only After Winning A MedalAnkita Konwar Calls Out Hypocrisy, Says Northeast People Can Become Indians Only After Winning A Medal

      Ankita revealed that these racist comments are not restricted to just social media and added, "I've lived in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. I've actually lived with it. When you are walking, people call you names. When you go out with your friends, you are treated in a different way. People are looking at you in a different way."

      "There have also been incidents when you are looking for a place on rent, and when you go to meet them, 'Oh you are from northeast, maybe you are a drug addict or maybe you will party too much, let's not rent out the place to you'. I don't know who made these things, but we all have been putting up with this," the tabloid quoted her as saying.

      On being told that there are some who disagree with her views, Ankita explained, "What's there to disagree when somebody is sharing their experience with you? That doesn't count. Your disagreement has nothing to do with what I've faced my entire life. You can't come and tell me what I've lived was a lie. We can't close our eyes to things that are happening in front of us. How long will you be sweeping it off?

      Ankita said that one has to be courageous to face the flaws in the system in the country. Hoping that nobody has to go through what northeast people have been through, she signed off by saying, "It's just so demeaning when you're going out on the roads, and people look at you in a certain way, comment on your clothes, the way that you talk, call you names, just because you're from a particular place, or the way you look."

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