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      Arjun Kapoor Opens Up On How His Parents' Separation Had Affected Him; 'I Took Solace In Food'


      Arjun Kapoor was 11 years old when his parents Mona Shourie and Boney Kapoor parted ways. The latter went on to tie the knot with actress Sridevi after a few years. Recently when the Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar actor made an appearance on India Today e-Mind Rocks 2021, he opened up on being body shamed, his weight loss journey and more.

      Arjun recalled how he found solace in food after his parents' separated and revealed that gained a lot of weight and it happened just over one summer.


      The actor said, "I remember being very okay with my size. I never had an issue with myself. I was not one of those who are very conscious. I was fine and used to embrace it how it was. How I reached there? It was over one summer. I was never a fat kid. I had chubby cheeks, which I still do have when I smile. And one summer, when my parents were separating and there were issues, I found solace in food. That kind of changed how I led my life."

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      He continued, "I became okay with the way I looked because that was my way of hiding, eating and enjoying and trying to find some happiness in life while there was a lot of sadness around me. I never felt that anybody could bully me. What you guys call a sense of humour, was actually self-defence. Because before anybody could take me on, I always had the wit and gift of the gag to always have something ready to give back."

      Speaking about how he was always a protective kind of a guy, he added, "I had my sisters in school. So I became everybody's brother. I had Sonam Kapoor and Rhea Kapoor with me in school. So I was always a protective kind of a guy, which seems to follow me around now also. I was a safe guy to tie to."

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      In the past, Arjun had opened up on how he had stopped going to school as the kids there used to tease him about his parents' separation. The actor had said that he would sit at home and eat while his mother, who was also struggling, asked others to let him live however he wanted.

      Meanwhile at the recent India Today e-Mind Rocks 2021, Arjun also gave advice on how to deal with body shaming and said, "The problem is that being fit is equated to being thin. You have to look a certain way to be perceived that you are fit. India, as a society, has issues with colour, size and structure."

      Citing his own example, he elaborated, "In my case, I have a broad built and I'm proud of it. I have legs that are European and American size. I'm a big structured guy. No other guy in my generation, in my age group, has the kind of structure that I have. I'm unique and different and I have embraced it. But that doesn't mean that I should be unfit. I should take care of myself. Today, society has to realise and understand that you cannot put other people down. You have to educate them and make them understand that you are okay the way you are. But that doesn't mean that you go into a dark hole. You might be slightly overweight. So try to make efforts towards bettering yourself. Thin doesn't mean you are fit. I have seen thin people who can barely walk without getting tired."

      Workwise, Arjun Kapoor's upcoming projects include Bhoot Police and Ek Villain Returns.

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