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      I Was Unrecognisable: Deepika Padukone On How Having COVID Changed Her Physically And Emotionally [Exclusive]


      At a Film Companion event that Filmibeat had exclusive access to, Bollywood actress and producer Deepika Padukone spoke about how the pandemic induced lockdown and being COVID-19 positive had changed her not just emotionally and mentally but physically, too. The actress revealed, "Life after COVID changed for me because physically, I was unrecognisable because of the medication I was given...I had to take two months off work."

      Deepika Padukone was speaking to Anupama Chopra at an exclusive interaction organised by Film Companion's Front Row in what was the club's first on-ground event. "It's so lovely to just be outside and see so many people," said Deepika to the audience that comprised mostly college students.

      Deepika Padukone revealed about her lockdown and COVID experience:

      Deepika Padukone On How Having COVID Changed Her

      "Lockdown 1.0 was all of us trying to figure out what had come upon us and how to navigate our lives around this new way of living. But Lockdown 2.0 was very different because everyone in my family including me had COVID at the same time. I don't think anyone could make sense of what was happening at that time because everybody, every single person not just in India but around the world, was trying to grapple with what was happening and how to navigate this."

      On how being COVID-19 positive changed her as a person, Deepika Padukone revealed, "Definitely, for me, COVID itself - there are two parts to it. Having COVID and then life around it. Life after COVID changed for me because physically, I was unrecognisable. The medication that I was given and the steroids that I was put on. So, COVID in itself was sort of weird. You just feel like you have never felt before. Your body and mind feel different. I remember, I felt like when I had the illness it was still OK. But it was the time after that. I needed to take two months off from work because my mind wasn't working. So, I think that phase for me was very, very difficult."

      The 83 actress further revealed that she is a more empathetic person post her COVID-19 experience. "It was different for everyone. Like, my mother came out of it very differently. My husband (Ranveer Singh) came out of it very differently. But I think overall, if I think emotionally and mentally, of course, it's changed a lot of things for a lot of people. I think it's made us all more empathetic - or I'd like to believe. And then I (also) hear some people just haven't changed. But I have changed - I've become more empathetic and sensitive. Umm, also I think that the purpose of life has become much larger (for me). What that purpose is in finding it everyday. You want to make a difference in everything that you touch and do. I try to find meaning in everything that I do."

      Deepika Padukone will be seen in 83 next, which she has also produced. She will also be seen in Pathan, Fighter, Project K and The Intern, among other films.

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