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      Twinkle Khanna Opens Up About Her First Love; Recalls How She Got Locked Inside The School With Him


      Tim Mc Graw had famously said, "Like an old photograph, time can make a feeling fade. But the memory of a first love never fades away." Whenever we think about the time when we first felt the pangs of love, it surely brings a smile on our face along with a warm rush of memories. The same holds true for our Bollywood celebrities as well.


      Recently, in an article for TweakIndia, Twinkle Khanna walked down the memory lane and recalled the first time when she fell in love with a boy in her school. The former actress also narrated an interesting anecdote about getting locked with him in the school.

      Twinkle described her first love in detail and wrote, "He was, well, beautiful. His face, carefully constructed, like angles had been calibrated, moulds made and recast before arriving at this prototype. I, on the other hand, was in the process of shedding an awkward phase. This entailed an uneasy parting from the coconut oil I used liberally, learning to use a lip balm that came with a roll-on applicator and the discovery of a dent that could almost be mistaken for a waist."

      The actress-turned-author revealed that they were once lost in each other that they got locked inside the school. Eventually, they had to jump out of the classroom window.

      Recounting the incident, Twinkle wrote, "We hurried out of the classroom. Scuttling down the staircase till we reached the main door. The building had been locked for the night. Calling out to passers-by meant not just disclosure but detention. "We can jump out from the rear first floor windows," he said. I was afraid. My journey towards a life filled with fragile bones and torn ligaments had already begun. Perhaps that is why I find myself gravitating towards a particular type, not just him, but the ones that came along after. Men, all built in the manner of a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Formidably strong, seemingly unbreakable. He climbed out of the window and with a small leap he was standing on the muddy floor. "I can't jump!" I said. "Not difficult. I will catch you."

      She further added, "I sat on the window ledge. My legs dangling down were crisscrossed by nicks and bruises. A testament to my inordinate clumsiness. I lowered my hips tentatively, an inch at a time, till he had his arms wrapped around my thighs. I let go. I slid till our foreheads were aligned and he gripped my waist. His straight nose against my slightly crooked one. My feet still six inches above the ground. It was, perhaps, falling in love in the most literal way possible."

      The actress further mentioned in the article that a month later that incident, that boy even gifted her a pair of scarlet boots acquired on a school trip to Pune.

      I looked him up a few years ago. There was a softness to the edge of his chin, the line of his shoulders. His hairline had receded. Since I hadn't seen it occurring incrementally, it seemed more an effect of the moon than time. Robust waves pulled back to reveal vast stretches during low tide. He looked prosperous and content as he stood with a brood of children, all with their mother's blond hair.I would not have recognised him if we had crossed each other on the street. I am certain he would feel the same way if he saw me today as well. Facebook should not allow first loves on to their platform," the actress concluded.

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