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      A Glimpse At Jaymie Gerena’s Transformational Journey


      Jaymie Gerena is a strong believer that expansion is necessary for a meaningful life. According to her, embracing change and changing one's strategies to align with their desired future outcome in business is the key to transformation success in business and life. Having worked as a transformational business strategist, Jaymie has spent a fair share of her time analyzing the human capacity and helping her clients undergo their own self-discovery, which in turn positions them to be able to reach their fullest potential.

      Her life journey is a classic example of the phenomena and power of resiliency. From starting her career as a young single mom with only $48 to her name, to her business being on track to hit 1 million in revenue by 2023, she is the definition of a rags to riches story. Her success wasn't built over night though; the process of sustainable change and removing limiting beliefs attached to self-deprecating behaviors took years of understanding and reprocessing. She not only had to forgive her past, but she had to decide who she wanted to be. She was determined to find the meaning of life.

      A Glimpse At Jaymie Gerena’s Transformational Journey

      While searching for this meaning, Jaymie not only created a successful heart-led business, but she found her purpose; a purpose she is fiercely passionate about: helping others, specifically women. Jaymie's transformational business coaching enabled her to teach her clients both how to overcome their own past traumas and to believe they too were worthy of success and happiness. While their circumstances made them believe otherwise, she taught them they didn't have to be bound by the shackles of the environments they were raised in. In a recent interview, Jaymie made a profound comment. She said, "Whatever you want, envision it daily and allow yourself to take the necessary actions to strive towards that version of yourself to attract those things into your life. The universe will put the people, places, and things on your path for you to succeed if your mind fully believes they are yours."

      While a lot of this may seem heavy, Jaymie continues to maintain her light-hearted and goofy personality. She believes in embracing your past, carrying its teachings to the present, and releasing the traumas associated with any of those lessons. Jaymie stands strong in her belief that becoming the best version of yourself should be an inward journey without the influence of other's expectations of you. Her own transformation has taught her that you are the only one capable of fully healing yourself, you just need the tools and support necessary to achieve it. She is a motivational coach and a living example of how one can turn their life around. Jaymie Gerena didn't just talk the talk, but she walked the walk.

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